Your guide to specialized lighting & signage

Your guide to specialized lighting & signage
Bayanat Engineering Qatar is an expert provider of specialized lighting and signage in the aeronautics sector. We have completed specialized lighting and signage projects at large international airports such as Doha in Qatar, highlighting our expertise in this area. To learn more about specialized lighting and signage, read our guide below.
What is specialized lighting and signage?
Specialized lighting is a key part of airport safety, used to guide planes as they land and take off at airports. While providing an impressive nocturnal backdrop, this lighting is essential for use when there is low visibility or it is completely dark. It is necessary during the night, but also at dusk, dawn, and in fog. Without it, taking off and landing safely would be a very dangerous task.
Signage is also essential for airports. These signs use large characters on a contrasting background to advise pilots and vehicle drivers of an airfield location beyond which they must not proceed. They also inform pilots when to turn and stop, to help them proceed safely to their end destination.
Airfield ground lighting
Airfield ground lighting is the term used to describe the whole set of ground installed luminaires and related ancillaries that are used as visual aids by pilots. These lights are arranged in precise patterns to help with air navigation. This includes taxiway lights, which emit green light and are located along the taxiway centreline. Other lights include runway, apron, and approach.
Guidance signage
Guidance signage is used to direct pilots as to where they can and can’t go. These signs are color-coded depending on their meaning, and use a mixture of letters, numbers, and arrows to inform pilots of where to go.
Heliport lighting
Heliport lighting normally consists of lights that are installed in a circle or square between the touchdown and lift-off area surface and around the entire landing, such as the final approach and take-off area. If the heliport is near a taxiway, then yellow lights are used to avoid confusing pilots with the green taxiway centreline lights.
Apron flood lighting & specialized high masts
The apron is the area on a land aerodrome that is intended to accommodate aircraft for loading and unloading passengers, refueling, parking, and maintenance. Apron floodlighting illuminates this area.
Obstruction & beacon lighting
Obstruction lighting is needed for any structure that exceeds 200’ above ground according to regulations. These structures need to be well lit to eliminate air navigational hazards. The light is an omnidirectional, steady-burning elevated LED red light fixture with an IR option.
Lighting control & monitoring
Lighting control and monitoring systems are used to control a single runway or can control the complex multi-runway operation of large airports. These systems allow operators to monitor and control various airfields’ ground lightings systems such as runway, apron, and taxiway systems. The lights can be operated as a group or individually and the intensity can be altered.
Lighting photometry & calibration
Photometry and calibration are used to accurately measure airfield ground light and aid maintenance. Light intensity is measured to ensure that the lighting is compliant with guidelines.
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