Why engineering systems and solutions are vital to the rail industry?


Why engineering systems and solutions are vital to the rail industry?

The railway industry continues to grow across the world, both as a fast and environmentally friendly way to travel. In fact, according to unife.org, the railway industry has hit a record of EUR 163 billion in total market value. However, with such growth, the market for rail companies has become more and more competitive.

So, how can you keep your railway company ahead of the game? In this post, we’re going to explore the forward-thinking engineering systems and solutions from Bayanat, helping to future-proof your railway business.
High-quality surveillance

A survey from <a href= “https://dataportal.orr.gov.uk/statistics/usage/passenger-rail-usage/” the UK Office of Rail and Road showcased an increase in passenger journeys by 279% in 2020, reaching 134 million trips within a single quarter from the year. With an increased volume of passengers, you need surveillance systems that are up to the job.

As a company that has worked with military organisations and world-leading airports, we have high-quality surveillance solutions you need. For example, our multi-lateration systems are fully adaptable to each site’s needs, offering in-depth coverage of large areas.

Passenger safety

Following the recent coronavirus pandemic, safety when travelling is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. So, ensure your company is ahead of the rail industry with practical Queue Management Systems (QMS) and people counting systems. In keeping your site secure and socially distanced, you can reassure your customers that they are safe when travelling with your rail company.

Plus, we offer highly accurate human body temperature scanners, allowing you to efficiently monitor and identify potential infection risks.

Specialised signage

Beyond the central railway station, your train drivers may need specialised signage. They can help you manage traffic on your railways with ease, maximising efficiency and keeping your rail services to schedule. Create customised solutions that meet the requirements of your local landscape and weather conditions.

Our specialised lighting and signage solutions are ideal for emergencies. With obstruction and beacon lighting, you can signal problems on the track with clarity. Plus, our Lighting Control & Monitoring Systems (ALCMS / ILCMS) will help you manage all your signs and signalling.

Information communication technologies

When upgrading your engineering solutions, it’s essential to take a holistic approach to your technology systems. At Bayanat engineering, we provide a range of Information communication technologies (ICT) solutions to tie all your systems together. For example, we can help improve your cybersecurity, create personalised IoT and cloud-based solutions, and install Data Communication Hardware (DCH) as required.

Whatever your sector of the rail industry needs, we can help find the technology and engineering solutions you need to make it happen.

Integrated solutions with Bayanat Engineering Qatar

We can create specialised and integrated solutions from the design to the installation to the maintenance and servicing. With over 15 years of experience and over 150 projects completed in that time, you can rely on our team to provide complete services.

For more information about how our engineering systems and solutions can enhance your railway company, contact the Bayanat Engineering Qatar team today. We deliver world-class military and civil engineering that can help improve your rail company for years to come.

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