What makes HIA the best airport?

What makes HIA the best airport?
Hamad International Airport (HIA), located in Qatar, is considered to be one of the best airports in the world. So, what makes HIA special and why has it been able to build and maintain such an excellent reputation? We answer this and more below.
HIA was officially opened in April 2014 with a ceremonial flight from Doha International. The first flight was completed by a Qatar Airways aircraft and 10 other airlines began operating in the airport. The opening of HIA was significant as it replaced Doha International at the principal airport in Qatar.
How was it built?
Planning for the airport began in 2003, and the blueprint for a 5,500-acre airport was established. Construction eventually began in 2005, but tweaks to the original design were made throughout the construction project. For example, the original airport had a proposed capacity of 29 million passengers, but by the completion of the project, the airport could handle 50 million passengers per year. Some experts even theorize that the airport could technically handle 93 million passengers per year, making it the 2nd largest airport in the region. The airport was designed and built with a calming oasis theme and utilized many eco-friendly features such as desert plants growing in recycled water. The wave style buildings that make up the airport make HIA one of the most visually interesting airports in the world.
Interesting travel facts about HIA
• Every year, over 360,000 flights take off from HIA
• Every hour, the airport has the capacity to see 100 take-off and landing procedures. This is equal to five planes landing or taking off every 3 minutes.
• The passenger building is 600,00 square meters, making it the largest building in Qatar.
• There are currently 138 check-in counters in the airport, 14 of which are private booths for first-class passengers.
• The world’s largest maintenance hangar can be found in HIA and can handle 13 aircraft at once.
• Over 5000 bags an hour are handled in the HIA baggage system, equal to around 120,000 per day.
• This is the world’s first airport to ever be specifically designed for A380 use.
• HIA is home to Qatar Airways, which is considered one of the leading airlines in the world.
The important role of Bayanat Engineering
Bayanat Engineering worked extensively with HIA to help them develop their air traffic management systems, terminals, and a wide range of elite security solutions. During this collaboration, Bayanat Engineering worked with airport authorities, navigation services, civil authorities, and military defense, extending their services to all areas and departments within the airport. Bayanat Engineering utilized their experience and expertise in navigation, surveillance, weather management, and air traffic management to help create innovative, concrete solutions to everyday airport issues. These solutions have allowed HIA to maintain its exceptionally high reputation.
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