What are Large Event Security Solutions?

With the world finally getting back to normal, we’ve seen some of our favorite events resume, from Glastonbury to the Olympics. During large events like these, airports often act as thoroughfares for celebrities, musicians, players, and visitors during these periods. Hamad International will face this challenge in December as the Football World Cup comes to Qatar. Large events like this bring their own unique security challenges. In this article, we discuss some of the security solutions airports use for large events and why they are such an important part of airport operations.

Why are security solutions important?

Before learning more about the specific security solutions in place, it’s important to know why large events require such security. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t exclusively to protect the event itself. Having a high level of security in place for large events means that airports, which likely see an increase in visitor numbers during this time, can handle the influx of passengers and keep everyone safe.

Large event security solutions

Some of the specific security solutions airports use for large events include:

Runway and Airside Surveillance

Runway and Airside Surveillance is one of the most important parts of the process of keeping an airport safe and secure. This is first because airside surveillance ensures that nobody can get near the planes on the ground. With a primary focus on using CCTV to detect people on the runway, airports find potential threats before they get near VIPs or large events taking place on the airside of the airport. CCTV is accompanied by RADAR systems, so there is a constant and coherent detection system in place protecting the large event from intruders.

Drone detection systems

When protecting a large event, stopping threats from the ground alone will not necessarily suffice. That’s why airports have drone detection systems in place. Drone detection systems constantly scan the skies around an airport, looking for unmanned aerial vehicles that are looking to do harm to an aircraft or a large event. If a drone detection system finds a drone in the area, security services move into action and the airport takes steps to remove the drone. This protects the event from innovative threats such as aerial attacks.

Cyber security

Aside from threats in the physical domain, modern wrongdoers consider a wide range of angles of attack. This includes cyberspace. Having a good level of cybersecurity in place means that airports have a strong layer of protection from innovative lines of attack. Airport communications and utilities stay consistent when the airport uses cybersecurity for large events, and there is no interruption to the day’s events as a result of an airport’s network being turned against itself.

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