The Need for People Counting at Airports

The Need for People Counting at Airports

Airports see thousands of people coming and going every day, and this passenger traffic can cause chaos for staff. To combat this, some airports have started to implement People Counting Systems, which use real-time data to enhance the efficiency of the services so passengers can spend less time in queues and more time at ease. Here are just a few core benefits afforded by People Counting Systems and how they help airports reduce congestion.


They help you prepare for the peak


With a People Counting System, you will be able to track certain peak times for popular and regular flights, meaning you will prepare better for a sudden influx of people. This is especially helpful during the holiday season, where the foot traffic might be nothing short of constant. You can reorganise queues or even open additional gates and counters as required.


This will make sure that a greater amount of people does not have to add up to a significantly larger level of congestion. Being able to focus your efforts on peak times is a much more efficient solution than leaving the gates and counters open at all times or on the fly. Knowing when and where to have your staff on call helps save you money too.


They help stay COVID compliant


The coronavirus pandemic has mostly subsided, but it is by no means a thing of the past – travel regulations of all kinds are still present in virtually every country, for example. Airports must help reduce the anxiety surrounding travel, and people counting is a good way forward for this. These systems can monitor congestion in a way that emphasises social distancing and even enforce it to a degree.


In addition, congestion and foot traffic might be more uncomfortable than ever for many people – even those with two vaccinations and a negative test result will likely want to keep their distance. Airports have a certain capacity in mind, and they can struggle to maintain this when you add social distancing. For this reason, people counting might be the best way to accommodate the new density of people.


They boost your duty-free shops


Queues are not just a problem at the terminals. Plenty of people reconsider shopping at an airport based on the queues. If people leave an airport shop because of the long line, then not only does that hurt their airport experience, it also means the shops and the airport at large lose money.


People Counting Systems can work the same way here as they do during a busy check-in. This gives you space to work with the venues and understand their needs at certain times, as well as helping them to combat their congestion. These systems revolve around maximising value and keeping on top of your opportunities, and the duty-free shop is as central to the airport as any other part of the experience.


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