Qatar’s top engineering company partners with over 50 Global partners to provide world-class civil and military engineering aerospace solutions.


Qatar’s top engineering company partners with over 50 Global partners to provide world-class civil and military engineering aerospace solutions. 

Qatar-owned Bayanat Engineering’s wide international partnership network with prestigious companies provide Qatar with high-quality information and communication, navigation, meteorology, Air Traffic Management, specialised lighting, low voltage & low current systems, surveillance, passenger and traffic movement operations.

By partnering with major technology providers, including Frequentis, Saab, Vaisala, Micronav, Corobor, Jotron, ParkAir, Honeywell etc Bayanat Engineering strategizes and designs clients’ projects, primarily in aviation, from start-to-finish to the highest standards.

“Our valuable partnership with international partners is build on trust and experience,” Hassan Ezzeddine, General Manager Bayanat Engineering Qatar said.

The engineering group works with industry-leading experts and businesses all over the world providing innovative solutions through top-notch products and services from across the globe.

Furthermore, Bayanat has partnered with over 150 international collaborators to form the largest portfolio of proven aviation solutions from leading international manufacturers and delivered over 1,300 successful projects around the world.

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“Through mutual respect and understanding we achieved and established genuine and sincere relationships, which are the foundation of a solid long-term collaboration. We grow stronger each year, as we devote ourselves to common vision – delivering best solutions to our client’s gratification and needs.

Bayanat Engineering Qatar partnering up with the internationally accredited and recognised companies has delivered outstanding results in the field and continuous to implement their high-quality work.

The engineering solutions provided by Bayanat, such as radar detection, FOD, AGL, remote tower, digital tower, rain gauge, specialised lighting and many other plays crucial role in safety and security as well as efficiency of the operations.

“Matching vision and mission between partners in achieving goals have created a mutually beneficial environment for Bayanat Engineering Qatar and the partners in order to represent them in Qatar market. We are proud to work with the companies oriented on quality and innovation, as it helps us be the best in the field and deliver best results possible,” he added.

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Established in 1983, the company has risen to the top of their field and are a key player in the aviation sector in Qatar, working with Qatar Civil Aviation, Qatar Airways, and Qatar Meteorological Department, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Aeronautical Academy, Military and Defence, specialising in air traffic management, airside and terminal systems, to meet the needs of airport authorities, air navigation service providers, civil aviation authorities and military and defence.