Providing high-quality Air Traffic Control systems



When the human flight was developed (by Wrigth Brothers) they did not envision the scale the technology has reached to the modern-day society. It is impossible to imagine our lives without planes. Planes play important role in society nowadays to transport goods and people from one place to another. As traffic is controlled on the ground (by traffic police, traffic lights and signage) – it is as important to control the traffic in airspace.
How do you do that? Air traffic control. The first air traffic control began at Croydon Airport and started as a simple wooden hut that could tell planes their location, the weather and what air traffic was like. As the number of flights grew by demand, technology became more developed.
What is Air Traffic Control in the modern society?  Air traffic control is “the activity of organizing the routes that aircraft should follow, and telling pilots by radio which routes they should take”. By using multiple equipment, ATC controllers maintain safe distance and height and provide safer landing and departure instructions to the pilots to make sure they depart and land the plane safely and on time.
Air traffic innovative solutions that can be provided: Electronic flight strip system; Departure/Arrival Manager (DMAN/AMAN); ATC / Driving Simulation Systems; Remote Control Tower; Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM); SWIM & ATM Grade Networks and many other. Bayanat Engineering Qatar provides high-quality air traffic control systems to ensure that flights remain safe and controlled, in combination with the provision of navigational and communication technologies in a variety of industries including aerospace.
In Qatar, Air Traffic management follows the procedures of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It controls and guides organizations on the flight to remain safe and secure and uses all the technologies that has previously been approved. Hamad International Airport receives a high amount of traffic and Qatar’s Air Traffic Control is clearly doing a great job, as no fatal accidents has been reported in over 25 years.   Bayanat Engineering Qatar provides solutions as per the ICAO requirements and always monitors and follows the updates on the requirements.