Supply, installation & commissioning of thermal body temperature screening system to Qatar Petroleum

Contract Title Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Thermal
Body Temperature Screening System (20 Nos)
PO No. 576013456
BEQ Job No. Q0095
Client Qatar Petroleum
Commencement Date 25-Mar-20
Contract Period 2 months
Contract Completion Date 25-May-20
Actual Completion Date 25-May-20
Maintenance Support 5 years

The scope of work includes supply, installation, and commissioning of Cantronic – FeverScan M3000N Dual Vision Network Thermal Imaging Camera System with following features/components:

• FeverScan M3000N
1. Network real-time accuracy mass fever-scanning
2. Dual Vision (thermal and visual) system for easy screening
3. Pre-definable values for abnormal temperatures
4. Grayscale image using red to indicate high temperatures.
5. Adjustable display palette temperature range
6. Ability to “spot-check” with mouse for accurate crosshair temperature readings
7. Customizable high-temperature alarm
8. Log file records alarm data
9. Turn-key system contains thermal camera head, display software and data acquisition/recording system.

• Thermal Camera
1. Lens: 19mm (FOV: 24o x 18o)
2. Focal Plane Array: Micro-bolometer
3. Image Frequency: 7.5 Hz (NTSC) or 8.3 Hz (PAL)*
4. Spectral Range: 8 — 14 μm
5. Number of Pixels: 324 x 256
6. NETD: 0.05oC @ 30oC
7. Video output: Network digital

• Visual Camera
1. Image Sensor: 1/3″ 1.3 Million Pixel CMOS Sensor
2. Video Frame Output Rate: PAL 25 fps (1280×960)/ NTSC:30 fps (1280×960)

• b. Camera storage up to 30 days
• c. Mobile trolley booth
• d. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with 30 minutes backup