Electrical Cabling works at ASR Tower

It was an Electrical cabling project awarded to Bayanat Engineering Qatar from Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA). The main scope is to connect the ASR Tower (Airport Surveillance Radar) facility to conventional power, earlier this facility is running on Diesel Generator. We powered the facility with conventional power available nearby facility called HIA TIB Building.

The work scope details as below: –
a) Supply and installation of 4C x 185 mm2/Cu/XLPE/SWA Cable 600 Metres (300x 2 runs).
b) Supply and installation of 1Cx 185 mm2 Y/G PVC insulated Cu Earth Cable -300 Metres.
c) Supply and installation of Glands & Termination.
d) Supply and Installation of one new 250A 4P MCCB breaker in existing panel (tie in point) assuming sufficient space provisions are available in the existing panel to accommodate the new breaker.
e) Concrete encased PVC ducts from ASR Tower to communication building, including building a new manhole.