Supply And Installation Of Automatic Rain Gauge


The project is awarded to Bayanat Engineering Qatar by Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA). It is a supply, testing, and commissioning of Automatic Rain Gauge. We are supplying a total of 50 units (complete set includes Rain gauge, Datalogger, 4G Modem, Solar Panel, and software), which are installed around Qatar for monitoring rainfall and intensity.

The scope of work includes supply, installation and upgradation of following

 50 Units of HyQuest TB6 Rain gauge
 50 Units of HyQuest iRIS270 Data Logger with 4G modem
 50 Units of Rain gauge mounts with solar panel and battery
 Supply and configuration of display software
 Supply and configuration of FTP Server and Workstation
 Testing, Commissioning and Training


LOCATION Qatar Meteorological Department (Abu-Hamour, Doha)
PROJECT TYPE Supply, Installation & Training
PROJECT DESCRIPTION Supply and Installation of Automatic Rain Gauge
Client QCAA – QMD
Project Start Date April 2019
Project Completion Date November 2019
Main Supplier HyQuest Technologies, New Zealand
Vista Datavision, Iceland
Project Status Completed

Calibration Services for Air Navigation Equipment at Doha International Airport & Hamad International Airport


It’s a calibration of NAVAIDs project awarded to Bayanat Engineering Qatar from Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA). Major Scope of work includes scheduled Flight Inspection and Calibration for Navigational Equipment at Hamad International Airport and Doha International Airport. The flight inspection of NAVAIDS is based on ICAO Annex 10 & Doc 8071 requirements. The PAPI & AGL flight checks are performed in accordance with ICAO Annex 14 requirements. The validation of ATS procedures (conventional and Performance Based Navigation (PBN) will be completed in accordance with ICAO Doc 8168 Vol II and ICAO Doc 9906 requirements Flight Inspection and Calibration scope included in this proposal is for the following systems in each airport

The frequency of flight calibration is for every 6 months. This project duration is 3 years and Bayanat received the award for second time.

Navigational aids to be inspected at HAMAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT:
1. ILS RWY 34R / Approach Lights and PAPIRWY 34R
2. ILS RWY 16L / Approach Lights and PAPIRWY 16L
3. ILS RWY 34L / Approach Lights and PAPIRWY 34L
4. ILS RWY 16R / Approach Lights and PAPLEWY 16R
6. VDF

Navigational aids lo be inspected at DOHA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.
1. ILS RWY 33 / Approach Lights and PAPI RWY 33
2. ILS RWY15 / Approach Lights and PAPI RWY 15
4. NDB
5. NDB at Al-Khor Airport


PROJECT TYPE Flight Calibration Services
PROJECT DESCRIPTION Flight Calibration Services for Air Navigation Equipment at DIA & HIA Calibration of both HIA & DIA Navaids Systems
Client QCAA
Project Start Date January 2018
Project Completion Date On-going (till December 2020)
Main Supplier Flight Calibration Services Limited, UK
Project Status Active

Foreign Object Debris Detection System For Hamad International Airport


Bayanat Engineering Qatar (BEQ), in partnership with Xsight is pleased to present the RunWize™, the Intelligent Hybrid Dual Sensor based Runway Surveillance and Foreign Object & Debris (FOD) Detection System as the Runway Debris Monitoring System (RDMS) for HamadInternational Airport.

The scope of this project involves the design , supply, installation, commissioning and support of :

• A debris detection ,location and identification subsystem
• An alert , display , logging and archiving subsystems

Our scope of work is to design, supply, deliver, install, test, commission, implement and support the Foreign Objects Debris (FOD) Detection System for Runways at Hamad International Airport as a turnkey project inclusive of; Field Sensor units, Application and Analytical software , Infrastructure works , relevant Civil works and 5 years maintenance support services meeting the contract requirement.

We have proposed Xsight System solution RunWize as the Foreign Objects Debris (FOD) Detection System which is intelligent and automated FOD detection system, with primary means of detection, location and identification of debris, primary sensor by the radar system and with the camera(s) to zoom / focus on the debris and for survelliance.

The proposed Xsight sensors were designed to be very similar to edge light in how it is installed and maintained. No special runway closures are required to install and maintain the system. System installation and maintenance shall be performed during the standard runway maintenance window providde by HIA.

RunWize™ is a Dual Hybrid FOD detection system, providing real‐time, automated FOD detection,location, identification, classification and logging. It can be deployed in civil airports as well as military airbases, helping to prevent potential aircraft damage and fatalities caused by FOD. The
airports it has been deployed in include Ben‐Gurion Airport (TLV) in Tel‐Aviv, Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok (BKK), Seattle‐Tacoma International Airport (SEA) and Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA). It is imperative to
highlight that RunWize™ is the only automated FOD detection system that has been commercially installed in a U.S. Airport


Coverage Area: The proposed system will provide FOD detection on both Runways of Hamad International Airport, providing 100% coverage of RWY16L/34R and RWY16R/34L till Runway threshold/end, including all taxiways and rapid exit taxiways up to the CAT I holding position, as shown below.

Hia Western Area Taxiways & Stand Development Works – Mlat & Met Package

Contract Title HIA Western Area Taxiways & Stand Development Works– MLAT & MET Package
Contract No. UBTJV-SCA-047
BEQ Job No. Q0096
Client UBT JV
Commencement Date 17th June 2020
Contract Period 12 Months
Contract Completion Date 17th June 2021
Expected Completion Date 17th June 2021
Defects Liability Period/Warranty Period 24 Months

Main Scope of works in this project includes.
• Design, supply, installation, and commissioning of MLAT Equipment
‒ Supply & Installation of 9 Nos of new MLAT Ground Stations
‒ Relocation of existing MLAT Ground Station near west runway
‒ Integration of new MLAT sensors with existing MLAT system, Testing & commissioning
• Relocation of MET Equipment
‒ Supply and Installation of new RVR16R Shelter
‒ Weather Station (MET shelter and mast) including supply and installation of soil temperature sensors (6 no’s)
‒ LT31 RVR 34L Transmitter and receiver
‒ LAP3000 Wind profiler including OEM Testing and Commissioning
• Design, supply, installation, and commissioning of Fiber network at HIA western expansion area for CNS/Navaids services

Supply Of Vaisala Radiosonde


It was a material supply project awarded to Bayanat Engineering Qatar by Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA). The scope is to supply Vaisala Radiosonde and Synthetic Balloon’s.

A radiosonde is an electronic device that is used to measure meteorological variables in the atmosphere. The instrument smaller than the size of a coffee cup, is lifted to the upper atmosphere up to altitudes of 20 to 40 km by weather balloon filled with helium or hydrogen. The radiosonde has been the basis of weather forecasting and climate research since first attempts to design such a device by French, German and Soviet scientists in the late 1920s.

The Scope of supply is as follows:

 Vaisala RS41 Radiosonde – 800 units
 Synthetic Balloon’s – 800 units

Upgrade And Phased Expansion Of Mlat System At Hia

Contract Title Upgrade and phased expansion of Multi-lateration (MLAT) system at HIA

Contract No. 06/2019
BEQ Job No. Q0079
Client Qatar Civil Aviation Authority
Commencement Date 1-Sep-2019
Contract Period 16 Months
Contract Completion Date 30-Dec-20
Expected Completion Date 30-Dec-20
Defects Liability Period/Warranty Period 24 Months

Main Scope of works in this project includes.
1. Design, supply, installation & commissioning of new MLAT system and integration with existing MLAT system at HIA.
2. 26 no’s of New MLAT ground stations at different locations inside HIA Airport
3. FO Network infrastructure connecting all the 26 Nos of MLAT ground stations to the head end MLAT cabinet located at ATC building
4. Power infrastructure for all the new MLAT ground stations
5. Any kind of Civil & MEP works required at the concerned facilities required for MLAT installation works.
6. 2 years warranty support for new MLAT system & CLS support for old components
7. Level 1/2/3 Maintenance Support

Supply, Installation , Testing & Commissioning of D-ATIS System

It was Supply and installation project awarded to Bayanat Engineering Qatar by Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA). Digital Automatic terminal information service, is a continuous broadcast of recorded aeronautical information in busier terminal areas, ATIS broadcasts contain essential information, such as current weather information, active runways, available approaches, and any other information required by the pilots, such as important NOTAMs. Pilots usually listen to an available ATIS broadcast before contacting the local control unit, which reduces the controllers’ workload and relieves frequency congestion.

Many airports also employ the use of Data-link ATIS (D-ATIS). D-ATIS is a text-based, digitally transmitted version of the ATIS audio broadcast. It is accessed via a data link service

The scope of works covered includes the following:

1. Supply and Installation of D-ATIS Workstation positions – 5 No’s, locations:
• Tower
• Approach
• Apron
• Technical Room (Combined Client and Management Position)
2. Supply and Installation of D-ATIS Management Workstation position built into the server cabinet – 1 No’s
3. Supply and installation of operational Server -2 No’s (Redundant)
4. Supply and installation of Management Server- 1 No

Interface with existing systems listed below:
• The GAMS (Alarm and Monitoring System)
• The GDS (General Display System)
• Standard MET/AWOS interface
• The ACARS data services (SITA and ARINC)
• AGL Airfield Ground Lightening
• Radio/VCCS Interfaces (4 wire E&M interface with PTT/SQU contacts)
• Dial –In interface (standard audio interface for the integration of existing PABX)

• Testing and Commissioning of the complete D-ATIS System solution.
• Operational and Technical Training

HIA-Infrared thermal body temperature screening system

It is a supply and installation project awarded to Bayanat Engineering by Qatar Airways (Hamad international airport). The Description of this Project is to supply and install Infrared Thermal body scanners for passenger screening at Hamad International airport to screen passengers and Staff to reduce the spread of the Virus. The accuracy of the system is very accurate compared to other systems available in the market. The Cantronics System is more stable and reliable in the sense of detection and accuracy.

The Project awarded in March 2020 the project duration was three months and the contractual project completion date is May-2020. However, the Bayanat team completes this Project in 2 months.

The scope of work includes supply, installation and commissioning of Cantronic – Fever scan M3000N Dual Vision Network Thermal Imaging Camera System with following features/components:

Fever Scan M3000N Features:

• Network real-time accuracy mass fever-scanning
• Dual Vision (thermal and visual) system for easy screening
• Customizable high-temperature alarm
• Log file records alarm data
• Thermal Camera
• Visual Camera
• Camera Visuals storage up to 60 days
• Mobile trolley booth
• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with 30 minutes backup

MET System Upgrade

It was upgradation project awarded to Bayanat Engineering Qatar by Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA). Major Scope included Upgradation; Improvement of complete meteorological systems installed at HIA. Also, maintenance support for all upgraded systems for the period of 5 years.

The scope includes the following systems upgradation:

 Vaisala AWOS AviMet System (HW & SW Upgrade)
 IBL Weather Forecasting System (HW & SW Upgrade)
 Corobor Weather Monitoring System (HW & SW Upgrade)
 MFI Weather Monitoring System (HW & SW Upgrade)
 Radiometer System (HW & SW Upgrade)

Annual Maintenance for UPS Systems & DOHA HIA Navaids Shelter

It was a Maintenance project awarded to Bayanat Engineering Qatar from Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA). Major Scope included Maintenance of airfield shelters and the UPS installed in the shelters. Quarterly visits are scheduled for preventive maintenance of UPS and Emergency response was a major part of project, annul maintenance of NAVAIDs shelters which includes painting of shelters.
The detail BEQ Scope include is mentioned below

Maintenance of following UPS systems for 2 years
a) 15KVA 60-NET UPS Chloride (6 Nos.)
b) 20KVA 60-NET UPS Chloride (28 Nos.)
c) 40KVA UPS Emerson (4 Nos.)
d) 60KVA UPS Emerson (2 Nos.)

Annual Maintenance of 17 no’s of Navaids shelters for 2 year
a) Replacement of sealants on joints.
b) Repair of panel cracks or surface peel off
c) Repair and repainting on red surface once in a year
d) Replacement of damaged locks
The Project awarded on November 2016 duration of project was 24 months and the contractual project finish date was September-2018.BEQ had completed this project through the efficient project management & efforts made by BEQ team.