Passenger and terminal operations – in the stadiums and during sporting events

Passenger and terminal operations – in the stadiums and during sporting events

Bayanat Engineering’s passenger and terminal systems are useful for more than just ensuring passengers get to the right plane on time in an airport terminal. They can be deployed in a wide range of environments, and with the FIFA World Cup coming to Qatar in 2022, and likely bringing millions of supporters and spectators with it, managing the crowds inside stadiums is likely to be a difficult task. That’s where Bayanat Engineering’s adaptable passenger and terminal operations can come in to support matchday procedures.


Information display systems


You’ve likely come across information display systems in an airport before. These are the systems that track where you need to go and present the relevant information to you, often on kiosks or large screens which keep an airport running as smoothly and effectively as possible. This can directly translate itself to working on a football stadium’s concourse, and guiding crowds across the ground.


By using information display systems in flexible and agile ways, you can let ticket holders know exactly where their seating block is and how to get there. These systems can significantly reduce the amount of human traffic in a stadium, and ensure that everyone attending the match has a good time.


Passenger check-in systems


Another easily comparable system is the passenger check-in systems used at airports. These systems are often highly complex and designed to make sure that the right passenger gets onto the flight without a problem, and there are no major hold-ups at the gate. After all, one person getting stuck at check-in can lead to long queues and disgruntled customers.


This translates very easily into a football stadium. Just think, it’s ten minutes before kick-off, spectators are filing in one by one, and a single ticket goes through wrong, holding up the queue for a quarter of an hour. Hundreds of people could miss the start of the match, all because of a failing ticket system. By using transferred check-in systems, you can rely on reused and proven infrastructure to get tens of thousands of people into stadiums on time, rather than relying on untested systems.


People counting systems


The history of football, as joyful and celebratory as it can be, has been marred with a range of shocks and tragedies due to overcrowding in stadiums. Whilst ticketing keeps this issue to a minimum, people counting systems can have the potential to save lives. By ensuring that only a safe amount of people are on the concourse at any one time, you don’t run the risk of packing thousands of people into a very tight space and causing a crush. People counting systems can be a vital safety measure, and by using them effectively in World Cup stadiums, we can keep the focus on the matches themselves, rather than finding ourselves in an international tragedy.


To find out more about how Bayanat Engineering’s passenger and terminal operations can keep people safe and happy throughout the World Cup in 2022, contact our team today. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have, and we’re proud to offer our services to get the best show in the world up and running.