Navigation is a crucial part of many sectors, whether it be aviation, marine, oil and gas, or military. There are many instruments involved in the navigation process, all of which need to work in harmony together to ensure an optimal path is established.
Here at Bayanat Engineering Qatar, we provide reliable and professional navigation equipment for all of the above sectors and more, with a variety of navigation unit and equipment choices. There are four general categories of navigation – marine navigation, land navigation, aeronautic navigation, and space navigation.
If you’re wondering how different industries benefit from navigation services, and how Qatar especially needs excellent navigation tools, read on.
What were the first navigation tools?
Though we now see navigation as a highly technological practice that requires the use of dedicated systems and equipment, that wasn’t always the case. The early navigational solutions were actually simple primitive charts and interpreting the direction and position of the sun, moon, and stars.
When tools were introduced, they started out as simplistic items such as compasses, calipers, maps, and astrolabes – nothing like the complex equipment used now!
How do navigation systems benefit various industries?
There are many industries that benefit from having accurate navigational instructions. As mentioned previously, some of the main sectors that take full advantage of navigation systems like the ones offered by Bayanat Engineering Qatar include the aviation industry, the oil and gas industry, and the military.
For instance, the aviation industry requires only the most precise and reliable navigation systems available; anything less
What about the military?
Two particular aspects of the military are extra-reliant upon accurate navigational systems. One of these is the air force. If pilots are flying over wide deserts and beautiful vistas, it can often be hard to know exactly where your aircraft is. Town and villages all blur into one, so having accurate navigational systems can be vital to knowing where you need to land or target.
Our solutions include, but not limited to:
• Instrument Landing Systems – ILS (Glidepath
Localizer (center – left/right), Markers (location lengths landing – beep sound))
• Distance Measuring Equipment(DME – Landing and En-route) (more precise continuity distance – short)
• DVOR (Doppler VHF Omni Range)
• TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation)
• Non Directional Beacon (NDB)
• VHF Direction Finder (VDF)
• Satellite based Navigation Systems (GBAS/SBAS) (back up to the ground system in case of failure)
• Visual Guidance Docking System (VDGS) (parking bay- to help park the plane)
Bayanat Engineering Qatar is always ready to deliver best solutions for the industry and deliver the best results possible, we always strive to achieve great results for our customer’s full satisfaction.