SI No. Client Job Title
1 Ooredoo Supply, Inst. & Commissioning of Data Centre Infrastructure Mgt Solution
2 Aktor Public Address System for Back up Approach and Training Center for DIA
3 QP Replacement & Jointing of Cables at Substation-1, NGL-3 Gas operations, Mesaieed
4 Selex Maintenance of C535
5 Selex Provision of Shelters Fully Equipped & Relevant Services
6 Selex ATC Maintenance
7 Saab Sensis Installation of the Wide Area Multilateration Surveillance
8 ETA Star Contruction LLC Design, build-modification to Existing Baggage Handling system at DIA
9 Aktor Supply, Inst., Supervision & Commissioning of Sensource Counting System
10 Park Air Installation of VHF Antennas and associated RF- cabling -NDIA
11 Aktor Supply, Installation of Slave Clock
12 Aktor Additional requirement for Sensource People Counting System
13 Aktor Supply of Ducab Cables
14 Aktor Supply of Ducab Cables
15 QCAA Supply of Nikon 16x50 Action Extreme Binocular
16 QCAA Calibration Services for Air Navigation equipment at DIA & HIA
17 Modern Technology Supply of Sensource People Counter Sensors
18 Dolphin Energy Supply of NTP Time Server Module
19 QCAA Test Equipment for Air Navigation - NAVAIDS
20 QCAA Supply of Binocular
21 QCAA Supply of IT Peripherals
22 QCAA Metrology Systems upgrade for DIA integrating with HIA Systems
23 Dolphin Energy Supply of M210 Modular Timing System
24 Dolphin Energy Supply of NTP8 Time Server
25 HIA/QA Supply of Calkit LED Manual Control
26 QCAA Supply of VHF Transceiver
27 QD-SBG Group Annual Maintenance for UPS & Battery chargers
28 Meteo France Provision of Data Flow and Yearly Maint.Services for MFI Systems
29 PKE Supply of VHF Radios
30 Qatar Communication Supply of VHF Radios
31 QCAA Electrical Cabling works at ASR Tower
32 QCAA Annual Maint. for UPS Systems & DOHA HIA Navaids Shelter - 2 years Maint.
33 HIA/QA Supply of Programmable LED Display & Beacon lights for Safety Vehicle to HIA
34 HIA/QA Variation - MET System Upgrade at HIA
35 QCAA Park Air System Training
36 HIA/QA Supply & Installation of VHF Radios
37 HIA/QA HIA-Infrared thermal body temperature screening system
38 HIA/QA Supply of Transponder
39 QCAA Supply of ATC Navigational Units
40 QCAA Supply, Installation , Testing & Commissioning of D-ATIS System
41 QCAA Variation - D ATIS System (Tender 42/2016)
42 QCAA Supply of Radiosonde's
43 HoneyWell VDGS Installation Services at HIA (6,600)
44 HIA/QA Call of Contract for Supply and Support of ADS-B Transponder for Taxi-way and Runway Maintenance and Operation Vehicles - 5 years Maintenance
45 HIA/QA Call of Contract for VHF Radio Communication Equipment - 10 years Maint.
46 QCAA Fine Tuning & Health Check of MLAT/ADS-B System at Hamad International Airport
47 QCAA Airfield Shelters to house the RVR Cabinets
48 HoneyWell VDGS Installation Services at HIA (28,950)
49 HIA/QA Supply of Digital Communication Station
50 HIA/QA Supply of AGL Spares at DIA
51 QCAA Supply of Spare Parts for Various Electronic Devices for the Dept of Air Nav.
52 QCAA Maintenance of FM facilities at HIA
53 QCAA Supply, Inst. & Configuration of Ultrasonic Wind Sensor at HIA
54 Finmeccanica Supply & Installation of UPS 60-NET Charger Module
55 HIA/QA Airfield Lighting Primary Cable
56 QCAA Flight Inspection and Calibration of Navigational Equipment at HIA & DIA
57 MACS Maintenance Support of VHF Radios
58 QCAA Supply of Vaisala Battery Regulator
59 QCAA Supply, Installation and Configuration of Ultrasonic Wind Sensor at HIA
60 QCAA Supply of Sentinel Device
61 FMM Supply, Installation & Configuration of Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
62 MICRONAV ATC Simulator Infrastructure Services for Micro Nac at HIA
63 QCAA MET Sensor Spare Parts
64 QCAA Const.of Steel Tower in Batna Area
65 QCAA Maint.Upgrade of MET System at HIA
66 QCAA Supply, Installation & Configuration of Rainbow User Workstation (DART) - Variation of Tender 3/2018
67 QCAA DIA Communication Systems upgrade
68 MACS Supply of VHF Transceiver
69 QCAA Supply of Sensis Veelo and Various Materials
70 QCAA Supply of Spare Parts (Park Air Radios & RF Connectors)
71 QCAA Frequentis VCCS TMCS Upgrade at HIA
72 QCAA Supply & Installation of Rain Gauge
73 QP Supply of Vaisala Weather Monitoring System
74 QCAA Air Navigation Radio Health Check Existing Radio Equipment at HIA & DIA
75 MICRONAV Supply, Installation of Server Racks at BUATC, HIA
76 QCAA Upgrade and phased expansion of the existing Surface Multilateration System at HIA
77 QCAA Levelling and Sub-Base works at Abatana Weather Radar Station
78 QCAA Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Runway Visual Range (RVR) Redundancy System in Hamad International Airport
79 HoneyWell AGL Installation Services at HIA Qatar
80 MICRONAV Rental of Material lift at BUATC
81 MICRONAV Technical Engineer Service Agreement
82 QCAA Recording and Playback System (RAPS) Upgrade/ Replacement at HIA
83 MICRONAV Reconfiguration of the Lighting Control System at BUATC
84 QCAA Supply of Radiosonde's
85 HIA/QA Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection System
86 MACS Maintenance Support of VHF Radios
87 ADB Safegate Configuration of ICOM Base Station and Handheld Radios at HIA
88 Kinematics KMI Booth to GSF2020 Doha Qatar - conference GSF 2020 - 11th GULF SEISMIC FORUM
89 FMM Supply, Installation and Configuration of Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WMT700 at HIA
90 Salam Technology Vaisala - Weather Monitoring System
91 Qatar Airways - HIA Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Infrared Thermal Body Temperature Screening System
92 QP Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Infrared Thermal Body Temperature Screening System
93 UCC-BAHADIR-TEDESCHIA JOINT VENTURE Western Taxiway and Stand Development Works for MLAT and MET Systems
94 QCAA Supply & Installation of Frangible Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) Wind Masts at HIA
95 Qatar Airways - HIA Supply of Thermal Imaging Helmets
96 Qatar Airways - HIA Supply of Infrared Thermometer
97 QCAA Supply of Headseats
98 QCAA Spare parts for ParkAir Radio T6 Series 2
99 HoneyWell Fiber Cabling Works at DIA
100 INTERTEK (INTER -TECH) Supply of Jotron VHF AM Aeronautical Radio
101 Qatar Aeronautical College (QAC) Supply, Installation & maintenance of Corobor System
102 MACS Supply of VHF Transciever (T6-TRV)
103 HoneyWell Runway Centreline Light Upgrade at CAT IIIB
104 Honeywell Variation works for Fiber Cabling Works at DIA
105 UBTJV Variation order to our existing contract for UBT MLAT project – Design ,Supply & Installation of Fiber Optics For MLAT sensors in HIA
106 QCAA Supply of Vaisala Sensor Spare Parts
107 QCAA Supply & Installation of Obstruction Lights