Meteorology in Qatar and how is it important?

Meteorology in Qatar and how is it important?
Meteorology is a form of atmospheric science which studies atmospheric chemistry and physics. Meteorology is most commonly used to forecast the weather and make predictions about the climate. Meteorology can be traced back 1000 years ago, but significant meteorology breakthroughs were not made until the 18th century. Since the 18th century, however, meteorology technology has advanced significantly. In this guide, we look at meteorology and explain how it is important to society.

What technologies are used in meteorology?

• Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS)

An AWOS is a configurable weather system, designed specifically for airports. It delivers real-time information about weather conditions continuously, to ensure pilots can take off in safe weather conditions.

• Meteorological sensors

An essential element of meteorology is understanding how climate conditions can change quickly. Meteorological sensors are usually placed near a body of water and help to measure changes in weather and climate. For example, the sensors will indicate if the temperature, current or characteristics of the body of water is changing due to changes in the weather or atmosphere.

• Wind profilers

Wind profilers use both radar and sound waves to detect the direction and speed of wind. The profilers usually take readings of the wind a kilometre above sea level.

• Lightning detection systems

A lightning detection system consists of a network of sensors which calculate the electromagnetic radiation that is released by lightning. The sensor network uses the radiation data to predict where lightning may strike and at what strength.

How does meteorology technology help in everyday life?

Meteorology is important in everyday life as the weather can significantly influence multiple industries and daily processes. For example, cities and towns need meteorology to prepare and monitor extreme weather conditions, such as snow and strong winds, to ensure its citizens are safe and disasters can be prevented. Meteorology technology is also essential for the agricultural industry, as farmers need to be able to predict precipitation and prepare their crops should a flood or drought be predicted. In the aviation industry, reliable meteorology systems are essential to ensure planes can take off safely and pilots can alter their routes as necessary to avoid severe weather which may put passengers in danger. The greater understanding of meteorology an airport has, the more reliable their services will be as they won’t have to cancel flights last-minute, as they will be able to predict and identify weather patterns.

Meteorology in Qatar

Although the climate in Qatar is predominately pleasant and dry, understanding meteorology is still essential for airports in Qatar to ensure they can provide safe and reliable flights for their passengers. Bayanat Engineering provides a wide range of meteorological and weather management services and systems in Qatar to ensure airports can operate as safely and efficiently as possible.

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