L-Band radar launch gives Qatar’s air traffic control capabilities a boost

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Qatar completed a major step forward towards enhancing aviation navigation by launching a cutting-edge long-range L-Band radar. This radar system, supplied and built by Thales, a global pioneer in advanced technologies and implemented by Bayanat Engineering Qatar, a key system integrator in the Qatari market, marks a significant increase in Qatar’s air traffic control capabilities.

The newly deployed L-Band radar uses cutting-edge technology and satisfies the most recent national and international requirements. It is advantageously positioned to cover the vast Doha Flight Information Region (FIR), with a range of 250 nautical miles (about 400 kilometres). Remarkably, it has the capacity to detect airplanes at altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 65,000 feet.

“The aerospace sector in Qatar is well known for its exceptional safety practices and outstanding accomplishments. The nation’s aerospace capabilities have reached new heights with the completion of the L-Band for QCAA (Qatar Civil Aviation Authority) project by Bayanat Engineering Qatar and Thales,” said Hasan Ezzeddine, managing partner Bayanat Engineering Qatar.

“The introduction of the modern L-Band QCAA radar system emphasises Qatar’s dedication to preserving and improving its exemplary track record in air safety. This radar system enhances the current safety facilities by incorporating cutting-edge technology, thereby ensuring the ongoing security of Qatar’s airspace. The development of its infrastructure and the adoption of cutting-edge techniques have always been top priorities for Qatar’s aerospace industry. The conclusion of the L-Band QCAA project is a testament to Qatar’s innovative thinking and commitment to staying at the forefront of the sector”, Ezzeddine added.

“Qatar demonstrates its dedication to meeting and exceeding international standards by this large expenditure, reaffirming its position as a world leader in aircraft safety. The L-Band QCAA radar system significantly enhances Qatar’s already outstanding aerospace accomplishments and solidifies its position as an exceptional and safe airspace. We are delighted to have finished a project of this scope and we intend to keep doing so to provide Qatar our support for the Qatar 2030 goal”, he concluded.

The implementation of this radar is part of the QCAA’s dedication in achieving the Doha FIR’s key strategic goals of improving air traffic management in Qatari airspace and early detection of aviation activity inside the region.