Intensive preparations by Qatar to host upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 ensures successful event

As 1.5 million fans are expected to travel for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, all sectors in the country are in the middle of intensive preparations to ensure the upcoming world’s biggest sporting event will be successful and safe.

Secure communication, navigation, radars, surveillance, meteorology and emergency preparedness are implemented and improved in the infrastructure sectors across Qatar. Public safety has to be crucial in all the parts of the preparations and have to be a main priority, which is currently the case. This has been proven – as Qatar has recently maintained its position as the ‘Safest Country’ in the world.

Moreover, successful hosting of Arab Cup 2021 has also established Qatar’s preparedness to host an international event of such scale.

All transportation, defense and infrastructure authorities have been working on improving their technologies to implement the most advance solutions in the region.

The Ministry of Transportation had implemented and continues to work on the expansion and improvement of the Hamad International Airport, Hamad Port, Qatar Metro, Karwa; as well as safety solutions implementations from the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense.

Infrastructures were also built to improve the comfort of travelers to Qatar under the Tourism Authority and Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy. While some preparations are still on-going before the huge event, Qatari authorities have affirmed that the country is ready before the event and will deliver amazing performance and unforgettable experience for all the fans.

Updated airports security Qatar has prepared a number of steps to improve the security of its airports. The country is currently building on top of its existing infrastructure and adding updated passport readers that will provide the security team with fast results to detect forged passports with ease. Fingerprint scanners will also be added to the systems so tourists can be admitted into the country using their fingerprints.

An example is the state-of-the-art Foreign Object Debris system, which was installed by Bayanat Engineering Qatar for the runaway visibility improvement – another example of the safety measurements being implemented in the airport. As runway safety has always been a top priority for airports, it becomes increasingly more challenging due to the continuous growth of air traffic. The newly installed system is among the safety and security measures development undertaken by Qatar.

Already, HIA is ranked as one of the world’s greatest airports and is the only one in the Middle East and Asia to receive the coveted Skytrax 5-star COVID-19 Airport Safety Rating. With these new developments well underway, the HIA may soon become the world’s greatest airport in time for the World Cup this year.

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy has prepared for FIFA 2022 a total of 8 iconic stadiums representing Qatari culture. All fully equipped with scanners for safety, anti-drone solutions, and most advanced surveillance solutions to make it safe and comfortable for fans. Moreover, temperature controls inside the stadiums will make it comfortable for the players and fans to have a great football experience.

Qatar Rail 
Qatar has also built a rail for the event. There are red, gold and green lines with 37 stations and they work in cooperation with Lusail tram with 25 stations, metro and bus shuttle – metro link buses. This has been created in order to facilitate a large volume of tourists and fans for their comfort and accessibility to stadiums with ease.

Moreover, there is a line connecting Hamad International Airport terminal 1 for the convenience of the fans upon arrival which are also connected to all the Stadiums.
COVID-19 solutions

All the stadiums, stations, airport and ports are equipped with body temperature scanners. In addition, the Ehteraz app monitors the health status of all people in Qatar. Sterilisation is also a part of Qatar’s routine for the stadiums, which is being implemented for increased safety.

Hotels & Accomodation 
In addition to the hotels already available in the country, Qatar has planned a range of ‘innovative’ ideas to host the visitors, including hosting people on cruise ships, hotel apartments and private homes. Moreover, Qatar has designed a ‘Host a Fan’ initiative, where Qatari people can volunteer to house tourists. However, there are a number of rules. For example, a host is only allowed to host two guests per room if they are a husband and wife or if they are two friends of the same gender. If the tourists do not meet these requirements, the hosts can only allow one person per room. In addition to the scheme, the city is also planning to build 16 floating hotels, which will provide 1,6000 rooms for tourists.

Hassan Ezzeddine, Managing Partner at Bayanat Engineering Qatar

Hassan Ezzeddine, Managing Partner at Bayanat Engineering Qatar said: “As one of the leading solutions providers in the Middle East, Bayanat Engineering Qatar continues to work on multiple projects to ensure the safety, accessibility and comfort for the fans that will arrive during the 28 days of the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup. We also have strong partnerships with internationally accredited organisations implementing their high-end technologies during the mega event. We strongly believe Qatar is safe, secure and ready to deliver the best FIFA World Cup ever, which will bring international recognition to the country.

He added: “The country is actively preparing for the successful event to happen for the first time in the Middle East and will showcase its hosting skills like no other, especially with preparedness in the most advances technological solutions for improved safety. Welcoming guests is part of the Qatari culture and Qatar is ready to host the event after preparing for it for the past several years”.