Information communication technologies

Information communication technologies
Bayanat Engineering Qatar is an expert provider of information communication technologies in the aeronautics sector. We have completed a range of projects in many airports, which showcases our expertise in the sector. To learn more about information communication technologies and what Bayanat provides, continue reading.
What are information communication technologies?
Information communication technology, often known as ICT, is used to refer to all communication technologies. This includes wireless networks, the internet, computers, phones, software, social networking, and other media applications. ICT is an essential part of the aerospace industry and is used in airports across the world. Many airlines were early users of ICT, with a history of technological innovation. The internet and wireless networks are used to instantly communicate important information across airports to staff members, ensuring that operations run efficiently.
How does Bayanat Engineering use information communication technologies?
Bayanat Engineering regularly works with ICT to deliver high-quality projects to a range of airports. The team is experienced with structured cabling systems. This system offers a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure and is a complete system of cabling and other hardware. It is used to provide telephone services and to send data through computer networks. The structured cabling system starts at the point where the service provider ends. This point is the network interface device. Structured cabling systems are essential in airports to ensure they are well connected and communication can be done easily.
We are also experts in data communication hardware. This hardware is used to send digital information between computers and terminals, or between computers and computers. Data communication hardware includes servers and storage.
At Bayanat Engineering, we also install computer network equipment. This equipment is used to split, switch, combine and boost packets of information along with a telecommunication or computer network. It includes routers, switches, hubs, gateways, firewalls, and bridges, which are essential for any ICT system to run efficiently.
Cybersecurity is essential to any airport, and Bayanat Engineering is a specialist in this. Airports handle lots of confidential customer data every day. However, many hackers often attempt to steal this important information, which can be detrimental to the airport. We can install strong cybersecurity systems, protecting any essential data, and keeping it away from prying eyes.
We can also install IP telephony and IP television. IP telephony refers to technologies that use the Internet Protocol’s packet switch connections to exchange fax and voice information. Internet protocol television is a system that uses either public internet, a wide area network, or a private local area network. This can be delivered to an IP enabled TV, PC, or mobile phone. Bayanat engineering also offers cloud-based solutions, information security, and distributed antenna systems for airports across the world.
Bayanat Engineering
Established in 2011, Bayanat Engineering is experts in airport engineering and has completed projects at large international airports such as Hamad and Doha in Qatar. As well as our expertise in information communication technologies, we are also specialists in air traffic management and extra low voltage systems. Our engineering services are used in the aerospace industry, including by military and defense, civil aviation authorities, and air navigation service providers. For more information about our services, get in touch today.