Improving the safety of ground operations at airports

With thousands of customers passing through airports every day, making sure both staff and passengers are safe is essential. Read on to find out more about the technology that is helping to keep ground operations safe, securing the lives and happiness of all passengers and airport workers.


Human body temperature scanners


Passenger safety doesn’t necessarily relate to the avoidance of injuries or accidents, but rather the avoidance of spreading airborne and viral illnesses around the world. During the pandemic, human temperature body scanners have played a key role in preventing people with fevers from crossing borders. This prevents the spread of diseases, keeping their fellow passengers safe and secure. Whilst human body temperature scanners don’t have an instant impact on people’s health, the long-term benefits of human body temperature scanners make them a vital component of airports in 2022.


Drone detection systems


As the weapons used by rogue agents change, developing detection systems has become increasingly important. Drones are becoming more prevalent in our day to day lives, and weaponising drones puts airports at significant risk. This is why drone detection systems are key parts of modern airports. A drone detection system scans the skies for drones, which security experts are able to take out to prevent the drone from doing damage to any planes or airport property. This keeps ground operations as safe as possible, eliminating one of the newest threats that airports face and helping staff to focus on more important work.


Surface movement radars (SMR)


Surface movement radar systems play an integral part in protecting ground operations staff at any airport. These systems scan the ground, ensuring that all runways are clear of people and machinery before planes come into land or take off. In the event of a threat, a security team is dispatched so the runway can return to normal as quickly as possible. Using an SMR in this manner protects everyone from the dangers of aggressive parties that want to do harm.


Airfield ground lighting (AGL)


Airfield ground lighting plays a key part in improving the visibility at an airport. Effective lighting ensures that ground operations staff are able to travel across runaways and around the airport safely without fear of vehicle collisions or accidents. AGL also provides visual aids for pilots and other users of airport facilities, ensuring planes can land safely. At most airports, such as Qatar’s Hamad International Airport, runway lights and ground lighting are managed from the control tower, although they can be remotely controlled as well. Common types of airfield ground lighting include runway threshold lights, wing bar lights, taxiway lights and runway edge lights.



If you’re interested in specialised technology for your airport, get in contact with the Bayanat Engineering team. The experts at Bayanat offer a range of services, ensuring that you benefit from all of the technology your airport requires for safer ground operations.