Extra Low Voltage & Low Current Systems

Extra Low Voltage & Low Current Systems – Qatar and Bayanat Engineering
As a key player in Qatar aviation sector, Bayanat Engineering are well experienced in providing solutions for airports. Our team are also experts in extra low voltage and low current systems. This is a term used in engineering often to describe a range of systems. For more information about extra low voltage and low current systems and how we use them, continue reading.
What are extra low voltage and low current systems?
These terminologies are often used interchangeably, to describe engineering systems. Essentially, they refer to comprising systems that use extra low voltage to function. It is generally used where electrical equipment can present a dangerous hazard, so is therefore commonly used in airports. Any device or circuit that functions between 50V A.C and 120V D.C is considered extra low voltage.
How do extra low voltage systems work?
Power is supplied from the isolating transformers’ secondary windings, which are produced in line with international standards. There is a high impulse withstand level of insulation from the secondary and primary windings. Sometimes a metal earthed screen is used among the windings. To provide adequate fault protection, no live conductor can be connected to earth. All live elements of extra low voltage systems have to be separated by at least the distance that the primary and secondary windings are separated by.
How does Bayanat Engineering use extra low voltage systems?
As airport engineer experts, Bayanat Engineering frequently use extra low voltage systems. We use this system in satellite and master antenna TV systems, which are used to receive and rebroadcast satellite TV channels from a single feed. It is also used in public address and voice alarm systems, to send messages across the airport.
At Bayanat, we use extra low voltage systems in digital signage and video walls. These are frequently seen in airports to show important messages to passengers. We also use it in constructing wayfinding systems. These information systems guide passengers through physical environments, helping them to understand complex spaces.
Extra low voltage systems are also used in fire alarm and fire suppression systems. This provides excellent airport fire safety at all time, alerting staff when there is a problem. The systems can also be used in car park management, including gate barrier and bollard systems. Extra low voltage is used in master clock systems, to help with the smooth running of the airport.
Bayanat Engineering
Bayanat Engineering was officially established in 2011, and since then has completed many projects at Doha International Airport and Hamad International Airport. Alongside our expertise in extra-low voltage, we are also specialists in air traffic management and airside and terminal systems. Our range of solutions are used by civil aviation authorities, airport authorities, air navigation service providers, and military and defense. To learn more about our services, do not hesitate to contact us today, an expert member of our team would be happy to speak to you.