Environmental solutions in the world

Environmental solutions in the world

Climate change is a huge environmental problem that we’re currently facing and will face over the next few decades. There are also other environmental concerns and challenges that we have ahead of us including the loss of biodiversity and water shortages. So, we’ve put together a few environmental solutions that can help you take action against the decline of our environment.

Air pollution monitoring systems

Coming from agricultural activities and vehicle emissions among others, air pollution is a growing environmental concern for many countries. Not only does it impact global temperatures, but it is most likely to blame for the rise in human respiratory illnesses.

Vaisala, a partner of Bayanat Engineering Group, has recently launched air quality sensors to complement its monitoring solution. Not only will this help enhance the sustainability and safety in communities, but it will also help improve their quality of life. As a global leader in industrial and environmental measurement, Vaisala has set up an air quality sensor that is accurate, cost-effective, and simple to set up.

‘Air pollution is a major environmental risk to health, yet 91% of the world’s population lives in areas where the World Health Organization (WHO) deems the quality of air to be below acceptable,’ said Samuli Hänninen, Vice President at Vaisala. ‘By providing trustworthy insights, our solution helps mitigate the adverse effects of air pollution to make city air more breathable and enable proactive environmental stewardship.’ (https://www.vaisala.com/en/press-releases/2021-06/vaisala-launches-world-class-air-quality-sensor-complementing-its-monitoring-solution-enhance-quality-life-safety-efficiency-and)

The benefits of this air quality monitoring solution include:

• AQT530 will accurately measure pollutants like nitric acid, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide.

• Installation, deployment, and maintenance are easy.

• Unprecedented and unparalleled data security and protection.

• In-depth 24/7 reporting: the data is sent to a web-based database that has a gateway solution wirelessly to bring down exposure to any pollution hotspots.

Solar radiation monitoring systems

Meteorology has quite often been used in predicting the weather and climate. While it can be dated more than 1,000 years ago, significant innovations were made from the 18th century. Meteorology refers to the study of any processes in our atmosphere that cause certain weather conditions.

We can monitor solar radiation using meteorological sensors. They’re usually set up across runways and on towers, not on buoys. Meteorological sensors are great to measure a wide selection of weather and weather-influencing factors such as temperature, wind, humidity, and, of course, solar radiation. This allows countries to monitor and prepare for extreme weather conditions to make sure that their citizens are kept safe. Meteorology technology is also needed in sectors such as military, agriculture, aviation, and urban planning. For instance, in the airport, meteorology is used so that people won’t have to cancel their flights due to adverse weather conditions.

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