Ensuring safety and security ahead of Qatar World Cup

As ticket sales to the Qatar World Cup hit three million, Frequentis and Bayanat Engineering Qatar explain how scaling up control rooms is the answer to effectively supporting both planned and unplanned events.

Large, planned events, such as the World Cup, are exciting occasions that draw millions of people to one place, but this can have immense pressure on national infrastructure and emergency services. Qatar prepared its already extensive public infrastructure to handle the extra 80,000 visitors to the country in November 2021 for the Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix, with investment continuing to support the millions of visitors expected to attend the World Cup, as ticket sales hit three million.

Scaling up

Qatar relies on its emergency service control rooms every day, not just before large, planned events. It ensures that emergency services are dispatched to where they need to be, in Doha and beyond, quickly, providing everything from firefighting to healthcare, as well as directing police around the busiest parts of Qatar. But during a large event, or a national crisis, extra resources are needed to immediately react to the additional critical communication needs. The Olympics and the G7 summits are just two planned events that were supported by the Frequentis multimedia communication solution which was extended with additional controller working positions to handle the increased demand.

The Frequentis solution enables agency operators to manage emergency incidents from any location, allowing organisations to scale up their operations beyond the physical borders of their control room estate.

The solution is the Frequentis 3020 LifeX, which is built on an open platform, designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of critical information and communication systems via common industry standards like NG999, MCX (mission critical data), VoIP (voice over IP), WebChat etc. This supports a path to a true next generation communication system, which enables members of the public to engage with the police, fire and ambulance, not only by phone but also by SMS, mobile messaging apps, pictures and video calls.

This communication solution is enriched with Bayanat Engineering Qatar’s selection of technical solutions available for control rooms. Comprehensive surveillance systems, including CCTV, are ideal for maintaining order throughout a tournament the size of the World Cup, and also for locating any potential medical issues amongst a crowd.

Be prepared

Qatar itself has earned a lot of praise for its role in preparing for the World Cup 2022 hiring more staff to provide the flexibility to manage the event and influx of people during this period.

Frequentis and Bayanat Engineering Qatar provide the required flexible and resilient solution to match this demand. While scaled up for the World Cup 2022 event, it can be scaled down after this large event and be ready to be quickly scaled up again in response to sudden unplanned events. By enabling this kind of flexibility these solutions enable public safety organisations world-wide to save money while still providing the additional capacity when it is most needed to save lives and maintain public order.