Digital NOTAM

What are the benefits of a Digital NOTAM Tower system?

Why are NOTAMs so important?

A NOTAM (notice to airmen) is a notice which is filed with the relevant aviation authority to let pilots know about any hazards which might occur along a flight route or at a location that could put the safety of the flight at risk. These NOTAMs are distributed across networks so pilots, airport controllers and operational personnel can access the latest information relating to a particular flight route.

Issues with traditional analogue NOTAM systems

The number of NOTAMs has increased dramatically over the past few years, as international travel has become far more commonplace, with more flight routes in play than ever before. There are now almost a million international NOTAM messages a year, which is triple what it was ten years ago. As the volume of data has increased, several problems with the traditional analogue NOTAM reporting systems used have become more apparent, meaning an innovative digital approach was necessary. Current NOTAM reports only use upper case which is an ADTN character set limitation and can make the reports hard to read. They also have a free text nature, which makes the automatic processing of the reports unreliable. It is vital that pilots and air traffic controllers have access to all the relevant NOTAM messages, so changing to a digital system is the only way to effectively accomplish this.

The benefits of a digital NOTAM system

By introducing a digital NOTAM tower system, aviation authorities can reduce the potential misunderstandings that can be caused by complex or unclear NOTAM reports. By changing the NOTAM format into a clear digital system, aviation authorities will be able to easily track NOTAM data, as well as organise, filter and manage the electronic data. For airport management professionals, a digital NOTAM system is essential for accessing up to date and accurate information about any given flight route.

Creating digital NOTAM systems for the future

As machine learning and automation become even more essential to the aviation industry, the outdated analogue NOTAM system has shown just how important it is to innovate and embrace digital systems. By creating clear data templates and efficient ways to write and share NOTAMs digitally, airports can prepare for the future, where no doubt even more aviation data will be necessary to process.

Transitioning to a digital system

As airports across the world introduce more and more technologies into their day to day operations, flight information has become easier to access, process and communicate. We are experts in aeronautics and we have helped airports across the region to embrace and integrate new technology to speed up and improve current operations. By using software systems such as a digital NOTAM system, airports can make sure pilots, air traffic controllers and airport operation staff can access clear, concise and accurate information when they need it.

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