Climate change

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing humanity and efforts to tackle it have been stepping up around the world, with innovative technological solutions and more investment than ever before. From algae farms to artificial trees and solar radiation management, we take a look at new ways technology can be used to prevent climate change.


What is climate change?


Climate change is a term used to describe the changing weather patterns and climate conditions around the world. This is a natural process, however, due to human interactions with the environment such as deforestation and increased carbon dioxide emissions, the climate is experiencing rapid, large changes which are having negative impacts around the world.


Carbon Capture technology


Global warming is a real problem, and one of the biggest causes is the huge amount of carbon dioxide we are releasing and the reduction of natural carbon capture solutions like trees. In order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, innovative companies have been designing carbon capture and storage technologies to mimic this process. The carbon dioxide which would be released into the atmosphere is instead captured from a large point source (like a power plant or steelworks) and then transported and stored deep underground in a geological formation.




Some scientists have argued that drastic times call for drastic measures, and geoengineering is one of the more controversial climate change prevention technologies that has been proposed. Geoengineering involves large scale interventions in the earth’s natural systems to combat climate change. This could include releasing volcanic ash as a coolant, using mirrors in space to redirect the sun’s rays or cloud seeding.


More sustainable transport


Another way that we can reduce our carbon dioxide emissions is by switching to more sustainable and eco-friendly transport measures. This could include hybrid electric buses, electric cars and using biofuel made from waste. Electric cars have seen a huge rise in popularity as technology continues to offer cleaner, greener methods of transport and research into more effective sustainable transport is ongoing.


Clean energy


Most of the power generated around the world comes from fossil fuels, and this continues to increase temperatures and speed up climate change. With global temperatures on the rise, the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide needs to be drastically reduced over the coming years and switching to greener energy is going to be crucial. Clean energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal power can offer a sustainable and climate-friendly solution. From solar-powered road signs to offshore wind farms and huge solar farms, clean energy technology continues to improve.


Greener food


Providing enough food for the world, without damaging the environment has been a problem for decades. Recent innovations are tackling the huge impact of the meat industry with alternative, greener options such as algae farms, locally grown produce and artificial meat. This is having a positive impact as more and more people are choosing these eco-friendly food options, especially in large organisations like universities, airports and hospitals.


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