Body Temperature Solutions



Why body temperature solutions are a new norm for the world

Since the start of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all been searching for ways to operate safely and securely. One of the most prominent queries in this goal is how we can travel while minimising the risk of virus transmission.


Here at Bayanat Engineering, we’ve been looking at how we can measure the human body’s temperature to reduce transmission risk at airports. Let’s take a look at why body temperature solutions are so essential for the future of safe air travel and a new norm for the world.


Measuring body temperature and COVID-19


There are a variety of symptoms that patients exhibit with COVID-19, including a persistent dry cough, a loss or change in your sense of taste and smell, and a raised temperature. The Journal of Hospital Infection notes that those infected with the coronavirus will have a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or higher.


By identifying people with such fevers in public spaces like airports, businesses can help prevent the virus from spreading to other passengers and staff members. This strategy is useful for tracking people’s symptoms in large crowds, or if they’re towards the start of their infection before they notice some of the other signs of the virus.


As such a vital and measurable sign in identifying infected persons, body temperature solutions are already becoming normalised across the world.

The Bayanat Engineering solution


While many vendors are advocating the use of hand-held devices to measure body temperature, these have limited use in screening one person at a time. Their readings are also frequently inaccurate, making it difficult to identify those carrying the virus.

Here at Bayanat Engineering, we have developed Cantronics technology, providing accurate data in a user-friendly interface. As pioneers in this latest technology, Bayanat Engineering brings over 40 years of experience in developing the new addition to airports and industrial sectors alike. These devices, designed for mass screening, can identify the raised body temperatures out of large crowds, covering hundreds of people per minute with a 99.5% accuracy. As a fixed system and long-term solution, it saves time and resources, leaving no room for human error.


What’s more, these scanners using Cantronics are simple to integrate with third-party health monitoring software, such as Ehteraz. It’s capabilities like these that make this body temperature solution so beneficial to a variety of sectors as a convenient and safe option.


Case study: Hamad International Airport


In March 2020, Bayanat Engineering was awarded a three-month project by Qatar Airways to supply and install infrared thermal body scanners at Hamad International Airport to help prevent the spread of the virus.


Completing the project in two months, Bayanat Engineering supplied, installed and commissioned an M3000N Dual Vision Network Thermal Imaging Camera System using Cantronics technology which allowed for mass scanning with real-time data. The system had a 60-day storage capacity for the camera visuals and used an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for continuous screening. With the high accuracy of the Cantronics technology, the result was efficient and secure for staff and passengers alike.