Benefits of installing a helipad

What are the benefits of installing a helipad in the sports, medical, private and commercial fields?

A helipad is a designated landing and take-off point for helicopters. It can be as simple as a prepared field, or a fully supported facility with scheduled services, fueling and maintenance facilities. A helipad brings new possibilities to a range of sports, medical, private, and commercial industries.


Benefits of helipads for professional and commerce


Many large businesses use helicopters to provide safe, reliable, and secure travel. Larger international corporations may expect that your company can offer helipad facilities and having them available means being able to meet the expectations of all your valued clients and associates and raises your business profile to the highest level.


As well as adding convenience and kudos to your business, helipads can also bring a host of practical benefits. They can be placed to allow helicopters to patrol and repair things like power lines, oversee forest and landscape management and provide an early warning system for forest fires. Helicopters can patrol and feedback on vast areas with minimal impact on the environment below.


Benefits of a private helipad


For many, the convenience of a private jet meets most needs for efficient hassle-free transport. However, if you live somewhere more remote, or frequently find yourself in circumstances when you need to be at a vital meeting or event with immediate effect, then a private helipad could be the answer. Creating a dedicated facility makes for greater safety, and is more likely to meet with local approval.


Benefits of helipads for sport


Helipads in sport have several benefits. Many top sports clubs offer helipad facilities to attract high-level fans, whilst the inclusion of helipads on the latest superyachts or luxury hotel development means easy, efficient access to a variety of water sports.


Having a helipad at your sports facility also means quick and easy access to medical help for any members of your team (or indeed your supporters) who sustain an injury during a game or training.


Benefits for helipads for medical needs


Helipads are quite literally a lifeline when it comes to medical support. The role of the helicopter as an air ambulance is vital in many scenarios, and most trauma centres include a helipad as an essential requirement. The inclusion of helipads at hospitals has saved thousands of lives and constitutes an essential part of patient care.


Helipads are also beneficial in a wider medical context. If we consider their role in disaster relief, we can see that a network of strategically placed facilities can support a local emergency, such as flood, fire, or earthquake, by sending supplies, assisting in evacuation, and identifying danger zones.


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