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“Meteorology is the study of the processes in the Earth’s atmosphere that cause particular weather conditions, especially in order to predict the weather.” – Collins Dictionary. 

Meteorology is used in weather forecasting and predictions about the climate – it can be dated over 1,000 years ago but substantial meteorology innovations were not made until the 18th century.

Since the 18th century, however, meteorology technology has advanced significantly. While we do not think about it in our daily activities, it is possible you have come across it without realisation. Whether you check the forecast, take a plane or even encounter rain on the day – you are unknowingly using the meteorology solutions.

Meteorology influences multiple industries and daily processes.

Countries need meteorology and its reliable systems to prepare and monitor extreme weather conditions, to ensure its citizens safety on the daily basis, as well as meteorology technology is crucial in agriculture, military, aviation, environmental, urban planning and other sectors.

Example of meteorology importance is the airport, the more reliable their services will be as they won’t have to cancel flights last-minute, as they will be able to predict and identify weather patterns, Although the climate in Qatar is predominately pleasant and dry, understanding meteorology is still essential for airports in Qatar to ensure they can provide safe and reliable flights for their passengers.

Bayanat Engineering is honoured to have built some of the world’s leading weather forecasting systems for airports, and are happy to play a part in creating systems that keep Oil and Gas industry experts, aviation, military, and other government and civil entities safe and advanced in weather and meteorological solutions in Qatar.

Solutions in various fields

Aviation: It is apparent that weather conditions affect the flight schedule and are important for Air Traffic control and crucial part of aviation industry. Example would be the use of runway visual range (RVR) systems to ensure a clear and safe landing strip for the pilot to land their aircraft. The RVR is calculated using transmissometers, which are a piece of equipment installed along runways to determine the visual range left until the aircraft’s landing point.

Oil and Gas: This industry is another example of the importance of weather solutions as they are located any where from the middle of the ocean to deep underground. Rapid changes in weather conditions or harsh weather phenomena can affect the mining of oil and gas and threaten employees. That’s where meteorology comes in – using equipment such as automated weather observing systems (AWOS) and weather decision support systems (WDSS), oil and gas companies can continuously monitor the weather and modify their working strategies consequently.

Military: The military is responsible for defence involved in the navy and marine, as well as military aviation, all of which depend on weathercasting aspects. This means it is important to monitor it at all times. In addition to that, remote weather monitoring stations are implemented throughout camps in order to achieve the highest and most accurate levels for weather data collection.

Solutions examples

Rain gaugessmart water monitoring. The amount of rainfall is key to industries such as agriculture, which relies on the climate to grow produce. In addition to that, it affects the infrastructure and urban planning development, affects aviation sectors, oil and gas industries and other.

Lightning detection systems: contains a network of sensors which calculate the electromagnetic radiation that is released by lightning. The sensor network uses the radiation data to predict where lightning may strike and at what strength.

Wind profiler: This is a piece of equipment that is used to monitor wind speed, direction and conditions. Wind profilers use sound waves (SODAR) or radar waves (RADAR) to detect these conditions at various levels above the ground – from sea level right up to the troposhere (zero to 17 kilometres above sea level).
These wind measurement systems are able to detect vertical and horizontal wind speed, thermal stratification, turbulence and direction, as well as measuring remote temperature profiles within the atmosphere.

Outdoor air purifiers: with environmental issues being of growing worldwide worry, companies and governments around the world are looking at ways to reduce carbon emissions and reverse the negative impacts of pollution on our planet. Air pollution from vehicle emissions, agricultural activities and other industries are likely to blame for the increase in human respiratory illnesses – not to mention the devastating effects of rising global temperatures. Pollution is a significant problem in many countries – particularly in urban environments. Industries such as transportation and aviation have a large role to play in helping to keep our air clean, so companies are increasingly looking for ways to cancel out emissions.

Additional solutions for meteorology: 

  • Weather Decision Support Systems
  • Radiometers
  • Radiosonde
  • Cloud Seeding
  • MET Forecasting/Visualisation Systems
  • Meteorological sensors
  • Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS)
  • Runway Visual Range (RVR)
  • Weather RADARs
  • LIDARs (Windshear/Wake Vortex Measurement)
  • Thermo Dynamic Profiler/RadioMeters
  • Radiosonde/weather telemetry systems
  • Weather Decision Support Systems

“Bayanat Engineering Qatar has always strived for excellence and success beyond expectations. Being the industry experts, we provide our best solutions and always achieve the expectation and beyond. We have proven track record of various completed projects, as well as  industry experts on board that we are proud of. Some of past projects implemented in Qatar by Bayanat Engineering Qatar are:

  • Design & Build of Mukaynis Metrology Center
  • Supply, testing, and commissioning of Automatic Rain Gauges
  • Upgradation, Improvement of complete meteorological systems installed at HIA
  • Supply, installation, and configuration of Weather Radar Rainbow user workstation (DART)
  • Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Runway Visual Range (RVR) Redundancy System in Hamad International Airport

All completed  projects  have been delivered  with appreciation certificates from clients, as well as Mukaynis Meteorology Center was inaugurated by Prime Minister and Minister of Interior H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani,” General Manager of Bayanat Engineering Qatar Hassan Ezzeddine said.

This depicts the level of the effort that we put in and that we always work hard in order to achieve the greatest outcomes possible for Qatar projects. Our motto is – we believe in trust- and transparency and our work always speak for itself. We appreciate our clients for trusting us and we hope to be able to achieve even better results for our customer’s satisfaction,” Ezzeddine added.

Meteorology touches every part of our lives, whether we’re aware of it directly through an interest in weather or it’s something we don’t even consider as we board our flight. An understanding of it is fundamental to daily ongoings, including logistics and even land management, enabling us to plan and predict life, especially in adverse conditions – which meteorology allows us to navigate.

It is important to comprehend the accuracy of the technology that is used in such vital part of our lives and Bayanat Engineering Qatar can deliver it to the excellent standards.