Bayanat Engineering Qatar, Xsight partner to improve safety of HIA with advanced technology

Bayanat Engineering Qatar is currently working with Xsight Europe in order to implement the FOD detection system for the safe runway of Hamad International Airport, in order to ensure the safety of the passages, crew and planes.
Using latest safety technology for Europe, Bayanat Engineering ensures the delivery of the solution is met in a timely manner to its client satisfaction, said the company in a statement.
Bayanat Engineering Qatar is 100 percent Qatari company which continuously helps raise the bar with its projects with Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Meteorology Department and other government institutions.
The company’s European partners are SAAB, Frequentis, Micronav, FCSL, Corbor and Xsight Europe. The company works exclusively with the European offices of its partners and always strive to deliver the best solutions for its clients.
The company said that its code of conduct and value of its clients is its priority, as it believes in trust — and it is the main pillar of the organisation, along with quality.Runway Debris Monitoring System (RDMS) by European company Xsight at Hamad International Airport is the part of the airport’s plan to elevate its safety measures and acquire the latest and most advanced runway technologies.
RunWize will be implemented on the airport’s two parallel runways, one of them being one of the longest in the world at 4,850 meters in length.
Ioannis Metsovitis, Senior Vice President of Operations at HIA, said: “HIA champions the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to ensure operational efficiency. The Runway Debris Monitoring System is one of such intelligent safety solutions implemented at our airport to accelerate our digital transformation. HIA partners with the world’s leading technology experts to implement the latest innovations and intelligent solutions to ensure the highest levels of passenger experience and safety.”
Yaniv Mendelson, VP Sales of Xsight Systems Inc., said: “We are proud to have Xsight’s RunWize recognized as a critical and integral part of HIA’s advanced eco-system to fully integrate and complement other critical systems. This prime function of the RunWize within HIA serves as an evidence to the importance the airport attributes to improving safety and efficiency during the take-off and landing operation.”
Hasan Ezzeddine, General Manager at BEQ: “As one of the prime partners for HIA, we supply latest advanced technologies and the installation and maintenance to upgrade existing capabilities of the aviation sector towards achieving the supreme operation performance. We ensure the availability of the leading product for our customer with outstanding end-to-end execution. Our commitment is to the deliver the outstanding service to provide and improve leading safety standards.”