Bayanat Engineering Qatar supplies advanced meteorological systems to QAA

Bayanat Engineering Qatar has completed an Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning (EPIC) project with the Qatar Aeronautical Academy (QAA), supplying the latest meteorological equipment to the Academy which is currently used in existing Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD), a part of Qatar Civil Aviation Authority.

Supplying advanced equipment to the QAA will provide the students an advantage for further career possibilities in Qatar, ensuring that they will receive proper education and exposure to processes that will make them and their employers more successful.

Bayanat Engineering Qatar which has completed the EPIC project and training now has an on-going maintenance contract with the QAA.

“Working on the project for Qatar Aviation Academy is great opportunity for Bayanat Engineering Qatar, as it is about working for the future generation of highly skilled professionals. Not only it is great for the students to train on latest technology, but it is also important that once they graduate – they will work on the same systems installed in QAA and QMD and other government entities, which will be effective and efficient. Our team completed the project on time and always strives to achieve the best results. We always try to deliver the projects up to the customer’s satisfaction and we believe in trust, which is proven by our track record,” said Hassan Ezzeddine, Managing Partner at Bayanat Engineering Qatar.

Students at Qatar Aeronautical Academy are seen taking their classes recently. 

He added: “At Bayanat Engineering Qatar the values are simple, “we believe in trust” and professionalism, while staying on top of the latest trends and developments, which includes supply, installation and maintenance, providing the most efficient and effective solutions to the end user”.

The project by Bayanat Engineering Qatar and Qatar Aeronautical Academy is related to meteorology to train future forecasters. The new system helps analyse all the latest meteorological data and forecast the hazards for aviation.

A meteorologist needs to rely on a robust and comprehensive system that allows the following features: Collect, ingest, and distribute relevant meteorological data and specific products from numerous sources to the right user; Process the satellite images, display and overlay them with other meteorological geo-references data; Analyse and manipulate the collected and stored data by using a wide range of highly specialised and yet intuitive tools; and Produce relevant exploitable meteorological data (briefings and decision aids).

With a strong experience in the meteorology field, the Corobor Systems proposes an integrated solution, already adopted by many aviation MET services and Aeronautical colleges. Bayanat Engineering Qatar provided a complete hardware and software solution in this project along with long term maintenance services.

Qatar Aeronautical College was founded in 1977 as the Civil Aviation College of the Gulf States, with assistance from the United Nations Development Program. It changed its name in 1996 to Qatar Aeronautical College, and its programs have now expanded to include training not just for Airline Pilots but also for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers, Meteorologists, Airport Operations Management Personnel and Flight Dispatchers. Since it opened in 1977, the Qatar Aeronautical Academy has served students worldwide.