Bayanat Engineering Qatar: Delivering world-class communication technology

Communication is a significant fragment of everyday life. It has become a commonplace now. Thus people do not focus on its importance, even to the sectors where it plays a crucial part. Communication is a key to thousands of industries as it is responsible for flow of information, which makes everything work and ensures safety.  Ever wondered how some of Qatar’s key industries benefit from advances in communications technology such as those on offer using Bayanat Engineering Qatar’s communications solutions?
Airports and communication
It is a vital part of any airport to have accurate communication, as it is responsible for the day- to-day functions and safety of all the individuals and machinery in the airport. From radio to radar, information being sent from plane to airport and back again guarantees that everything can run smoothly, with planes sent to the right runways at the right times to keep airports running like the well-oiled machines they are.
The listening range of any airport is 6-10 miles, meaning that any plane within this reach can easily react to the needs of an airport and let them know if there are likely to be any issues with the landing. In addition to that, most of the airport personnel should have an access to communication – from Air Traffic Controllers to passenger movement operations. Did you know that all vehicles have the communication devices too?
There is traffic in the air and on the ground that has to be monitored in order to have a efficient operations. Bayanat Engineering Qatar has provided one of the projects. It was an Installation & Maintenance project awarded to Bayanat Engineering Qatar from Qatar Airways (Hamad international Airport). VHF communication systems are the most widely used to communicate between ATC, Ground Handling and Aircraft. Major Scope included supply, installation, testing & commissioning of VHF radios and 10 years maintenance of Park Air and ICOM Radios installed in the airside vehicles.
Marine Sector and Communication
Communication between ships and land requires to be significant and efficient. The busiest shipping lanes in the world can see millions of ships go through them every year. Without substantial communication it would become hectic and most probably will result in accidents. It is important to have proper communication to navigate and support the crew, as well as have an efficient operation on the ground. Communications technology like that supplied by Bayanat Engineering Qatar is vital to the continued success of marine shipping.
Oil and Gas Sector and Communication
Technology, like communication, is used in Oil and Gas sector mostly in mining and production to ensure safe and efficient process. Technology relating to radio is key — radar can be used to scan the ground in order to find irregularities such as oil and gas fields, with radio being used afterwards to coordinate a response. While  communications may not seem to be a vital part of the oil and gas industry, they play a significant role.
Military and Communication.
It is more complex and restricted, as the military often undergoes highly complex operations, reliant on coordination between not only fellow squad members but different military forces and branches. For example, warships may often have to communicate with a multi-purpose fighter to establish the location of a target. Military jets actually communicate with each other by sending out radio signals of a particular frequency to let their allies know not to shoot them down. Without radio, warfare would potentially descend into friendly fire and chaos. Air-to-air, air-to-ground and ground-to-ground communications are all keys to keeping order.
For this, trust Bayanat Engineering Qatar. We deliver world-class engineering solutions to a variety of top-end companies in Qatar.