Bayanat Engineering Qatar continues to provide innovative security solutions to HIA

In order to accommodate millions of football fans who will be travelling to Qatar in 2022 to enjoy the biggest football event in the world, Qatar has announced an ambitious project to expand the Hamad International Airport (HIA).

The expansion will ensure HIA can accommodate the expected 60 million passengers that will be flying to Qatar during the World Cup. The expansion will ensure guests flying to Qatar will be able to enjoy the amazing facilities available at HIA without being overcrowded. 11,720 square feet of retail, food and beverage space will be added to the airport, ensuring guests can experience culinary delights from around the world and a luxury shopping experience.

HIA is an airport renowned for its appearance and features many beautiful wave-style buildings. The expansion will see a continuation of HIA’s existing water and wave theme by including an impressive 10,000 square-meter indoor tropical garden, complete with a 268 square-meter water feature.

During the current state of affairs, it is important to continue the development of the sectors, especially before 2022 FIFA World Cup preparation for Qatar. There are undergoing developments in the Hamad International—such as increasing safety and expansion. Bayanat Engineering Qatar, trusted solution provider for Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, is currently implementing safety with current ongoing projects.

Hassan Ezzedine (pictured), General Manager of Bayanat Engineering Qatar, is always striving for success and having great vision for his company. Bayanat Engineering Qatar is the leading solutions provider for aviation and engineering government sectors including Traffic Management, Military Defence, Airside and Terminal Systems with the deployment of a wide range of Communication, Navigation, Surveillance, Meteorological, Passenger and Operation Management, Lighting, Security and Information Technologies.

Hassan Ezzedine said: “Preparation for 2022 FIFA World Cup is vital for Qatar – one of the aspects for Hamad International Airport is to be prepared for increased capacity of its passengers, while keeping the high standard of comfort and safety.”

“Bayanat Engineering Qatar always delivers best solutions for the Qatar’s aviation sector, in order to ensure the most efficient and the safest way for passengers to travel. We believe in trust and our track record is the indicator of that. Strong leadership, support of our shareholders, experienced team and our partners – makes Bayanat Engineering Qatar one of the strongest players in the market. Our goal is to achieve the best and more throughout our projects.”

In order to ensure passengers, feel comfortable flying and to ensure passenger safety, HIA has introduced multiple virus mitigation systems to ensure the airport is safe and secure for 2022. The airport has introduced thermal screening for all passengers and staff. Their Smart Screening Helmet is a portable device that can take the temperature of an individual via a contact-less measurement. The helmet operates with infrared thermal imaging, AI and augmented reality, to take the temperature of a passenger efficiently.

In addition to that, HIA has installed the Human Body Temperature Scanners by Bayanat Engineering Qatar that are accurate, efficient and precise. HIA has also currently employed a team of disinfectant robots, which have been deployed in busy areas of the airport to keep it safe and disinfected.

Bayanat Engineering Qatar is continuing to work for HIA and provide their innovative security solutions to HIA. This ensures passengers flying to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup can have complete confidence in their safety. Bayanat Engineering Qatar is glad to be the part of the expansion, that will accommodate fans from all over the world during FIFA event.