Bayanat Engineering Qatar assisting QMD to meet future challenges

Bayanat Engineering Qatar assisting QMD to meet future challenges

Doha: Climate change is everywhere. No region of the globe is spared, and the multiplication of extreme weather events is one of its most visible manifestations.

Safety of populations and economic development do depend on it more than you know. Qatar has tackled this issue years ago by investing massively in the strengthening of its national meteorological service: QMD (Qatar Meteorology Department).

To do so, QMD has collaborated with Meteo France International (MFI), a subsidiary of a leading European national meteorological service, specialised in the design and implementation of global modernisation projects for national met services, around the world.

MFI has developed an exclusive turnkey approach that relies on the combination of state-of-the-art information systems and a large panel of support services such as change management, training, assistance to operational start, long-term support, etc. Based on this approach, MFI has assisted major services such as the IMD in India, MOWRAM in Cambodia, BMKG in Indonesia or INAMET in Angola. MFI works closely with the local partner — Bayanat Engineering Qatar, the leading airspace and military solutions provider in Qatar, specialising in meteorology, communication, IT, security, ATC, and navigation, to name a few.

The relationship between QMD and MFI goes back to more than 15 years ago. It started in 2005 with an ambitious strengthening project which included the implementation of high-tech met information systems (forecasting, early warning, climatology, etc.), but also an intensive capacity building program, especially in the field of service development for end-users.

Many more common projects followed: The development of the meteorological department of the Qatar Aeronautical College (QAC), the creation of a mobile forecasting unit, the “MeteoMobile”, capable of providing met assistance for outdoor events, etc. One of the projects currently under way is the upgrade of METEOFACTORY, MFI’s solution for Early Warning and Public Weather Services. METEOFACTORY introduces many new features, which will allow QMD to improve its daily operations and dissemination of meteorological products to a larger audience.

A few years ago, to ensure the best possible service to QMD, MFI partnered with Bayanat Engineering Qatar, selected for its technical expertise and its strong positioning in the Middle East.
Since then, MFI and Bayanat Engineering Qatar closely collaborate to allow QMD to always stay at the forefront of technology in terms of better adaptation to climate change, risk minimization for populations and efficient support to major economic sectors such as oil & gas.

The issue of weather sensitivity being a little bit more crucial every day, there is no doubt that the strong partnership between MFI and Bayanat Engineering Qatar has a bright future ahead. The duo is ready to assist the QMD to meet the challenges of the future, particularly in the fields of impact-based forecast, climate services, development of a Qatari agri-business, and other, and of course, the high-end meteorological coverage of the FIFA World Cup in 2022 is on everybody’s mind.

Hassan Ezzedine, General Manager, Bayanat Engineering Qatar, said: “Working with Qatar Meteorology Department we do strive to deliver best solutions and quality work possible, being successful in multiple projects we have joined our work with MFI few years ago to ensure the client gets the best service possible. We are working with international companies in order to bring best possible solutions and implement them in our work. METEOFACTORY upgrade project features many new functions, which will assist QMD for improving daily operations. Bayanat Engineering Qatar appreciates international partners that trust us representing them in Qatar market.”

David Bousigue, Middle East Sales Manager, MFI, said: “Our successful long-term relationship with QMD relies on the visionary approach of QMD Directors, the ambition of QCAA on climate matters, and MFI’s flexibility and spirit of innovation. We are very proud to share our expertise and to have contributed, in partnership with Bayanat Engineering, to the position of QMD as leading Met Service in the Middle East.