Bayanat Engineering offers body temperature measurement solutions

Doha: Since the spread of COVID-19 across the world, more precautions are being implemented in order to ensure people’s safety. The State of Qatar is not an exception, and the government has made it compulsory for all residents to activate Ehteraz application and measurement of body temperature.

Bayanat Engineering, a company established in 1983, specialises in Air Traffic Management, Airside and Terminal systems, with the deployment and integration of a wide range of complex solutions attending the needs of Airports, Oil and Gas, Government and Private institutions.

The Company’s background being ICT, it focuses on providing concrete solutions to every challenge. One of the solutions that Bayanat implemented for Hamad International Airport was during Swine flu and Ebola pandemic as the major contributor to provide the services for human body temperature monitoring without physical interference with the people. First installation in Qatar was done in August 2017 and continues in airports, oil and gas, government, Semi-Governments and private sectors.

Mandatory human body temperature has been implemented in various institutions, as the result, it is important to make it convenient, efficient and accurate. Bayanat Engineering has various solutions and brand options for Screening Thermal Scanners with various options and measurement accuracy of ±0.1 to ±0.2ºC (±0.18 to ±0.36ºF), specially designed for mass screening (hundreds of people per minute) of elevated body temperatures in medium to high traffic public areas, which is efficient and convenient and less time-consuming in comparison to the handheld thermometers.

In addition to that, the advantages of the systems provided by Bayanat are accuracy, efficiency, user-friendly with long-term support. Moreover, the record of details with sound and visual notifications requires no dedicated person and as the result, it has no human error in handling and object pointing accuracy, as well as technical errors like battery shortage, which provides the higher level of accuracy with 99.5 percent.

Furthermore, scanners have the possibility to integrate with third-party health monitoring systems/software’s (for example Ehteraz) which can be beneficial for the various sectors. Imagine having an access to your temperate in seconds without no contact scanning whenever you go? It is convenient, safe and advanced.

Taking into consideration all above mentioned it is Bayanat Engineering goal to make Qatar a safer place for its residents, as well as ease the process of human body temperature scanning without compromising the quality, efficiency and accuracy.