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It is a supply and installation project awarded to Bayanat Engineering by Qatar Airways (Hamad international airport). The Description of this Project is to supply and install Infrared Thermal body scanners for passenger screening at Hamad International airport to screen passengers and Staff to reduce the spread of the Virus. The accuracy of the system is very accurate compared to other systems available in the market. The Cantronics System is more stable and reliable in the sense of detection and accuracy.

The Project awarded in March 2020 the project duration was three months and the contractual project completion date is May-2020. However, the Bayanat team completes this Project in 2 months.

The scope of work includes supply, installation and commissioning of Cantronic – Fever scan M3000N Dual Vision Network Thermal Imaging Camera System with following features/components:

Fever Scan M3000N Features:

• Network real-time accuracy mass fever-scanning
• Dual Vision (thermal and visual) system for easy screening
• Customizable high-temperature alarm
• Log file records alarm data
• Thermal Camera
• Visual Camera
• Camera Visuals storage up to 60 days
• Mobile trolley booth
• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with 30 minutes backup


LOCATION Hamad International Airport
PROJECT TYPE Supply, Installation & Training
APPLICATION Surveillance & Monitoring
PROJECT DESCRIPTION Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Cantronic – Fever Scan M3000N Dual Vision Network Thermal Imaging Camera System
Client HIA – Qatar Airways
Project Start Date March 8, 2020
Project Completion Date May 31, 2020
Main Supplier Med-Tech / Cantronic, Canada
Project Status Completed

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