project details:


It is an Installation & Maintenance project awarded to Bayanat Engineering Qatar from Qatar Airways (Hamad international Airport). VHF communication systems are the most widely used to communicate between ATC, Ground Handling and Aircraft.
Major Scope included Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of VHF radios and 10 Years maintenance of Park Air and ICOM Radios installed in the airside vehicles.

The equipment details mention below
1. VHF Air band Transceivers complete with accessories
2. IP based Controllers complete with accessories
3. Controllers-wired type
4. Omni directional Antenna
5. VHF Air band radio-Vehicle mountable
6. VHF Air band radio-Desktop mountable
7. VHF Air band Handheld Radio


LOCATION Hamad International Airport
PROJECT TYPE Supply, Installation and 10 years Maintenance
APPLICATION Airport wide communications
PROJECT DESCRIPTION Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Park Air (T6TR) and ICom VHF radios (Handheld & Mobile)
Client Qatar Airways/ HIA
Project Start Date July 2017
Project Completion Date On-going (till July 2027)
Main Supplier Park Air Systems Ltd (Parkair Radios)
ICom, Japan (ICom Radios)
Project Status Active