project details:


The project is awarded to Bayanat Engineering Qatar by Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA). It is a supply, testing, and commissioning of Automatic Rain Gauge. We are supplying a total of 50 units (complete set includes Rain gauge, Datalogger, 4G Modem, Solar Panel, and software), which are installed around Qatar for monitoring rainfall and intensity.

The scope of work includes supply, installation and upgradation of following

 50 Units of HyQuest TB6 Rain gauge
 50 Units of HyQuest iRIS270 Data Logger with 4G modem
 50 Units of Rain gauge mounts with solar panel and battery
 Supply and configuration of display software
 Supply and configuration of FTP Server and Workstation
 Testing, Commissioning and Training


LOCATION Qatar Meteorological Department (Abu-Hamour, Doha)
PROJECT TYPE Supply, Installation & Training
PROJECT DESCRIPTION Supply and Installation of Automatic Rain Gauge
Client QCAA – QMD
Project Start Date April 2019
Project Completion Date November 2019
Main Supplier HyQuest Technologies, New Zealand
Vista Datavision, Iceland
Project Status Completed