project details:

Contract Title Runway Centreline Lights Upgrade to CAT IIIB at Doha International Airport (DIA)
Contract No. HAB/DIA-RCL/LOI-08/20-1
BEQ Job No. Q00106
Client Honeywell
Commencement Date 20-Aug-20
Contract Period 8 Months
Contract Completion Date 20-Feb-21
Expected Completion Date 20-Feb-21
Defects Liability Period/Warranty Period 24 Months

1. Removal of existing runway centreline lights and Installation of new lights in CATIII B configuration
2. Trench works and Manholes for primary & secondary cabling for new Runway lights
3. Asphalt saw cutting works for secondary cable laying
4. Installation of new CCRs
5. Installation of new Illuminated Sign boards
6. Testing & Commissioning Support to Honeywell