project details:


Bayanat Engineering Qatar (BEQ), in partnership with Xsight is pleased to present the RunWize™, the Intelligent Hybrid Dual Sensor based Runway Surveillance and Foreign Object & Debris (FOD) Detection System as the Runway Debris Monitoring System (RDMS) for HamadInternational Airport.

The scope of this project involves the design , supply, installation, commissioning and support of :

• A debris detection ,location and identification subsystem
• An alert , display , logging and archiving subsystems

Our scope of work is to design, supply, deliver, install, test, commission, implement and support the Foreign Objects Debris (FOD) Detection System for Runways at Hamad International Airport as a turnkey project inclusive of; Field Sensor units, Application and Analytical software , Infrastructure works , relevant Civil works and 5 years maintenance support services meeting the contract requirement.

We have proposed Xsight System solution RunWize as the Foreign Objects Debris (FOD) Detection System which is intelligent and automated FOD detection system, with primary means of detection, location and identification of debris, primary sensor by the radar system and with the camera(s) to zoom / focus on the debris and for survelliance.

The proposed Xsight sensors were designed to be very similar to edge light in how it is installed and maintained. No special runway closures are required to install and maintain the system. System installation and maintenance shall be performed during the standard runway maintenance window providde by HIA.

RunWize™ is a Dual Hybrid FOD detection system, providing real‐time, automated FOD detection,location, identification, classification and logging. It can be deployed in civil airports as well as military airbases, helping to prevent potential aircraft damage and fatalities caused by FOD. The
airports it has been deployed in include Ben‐Gurion Airport (TLV) in Tel‐Aviv, Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok (BKK), Seattle‐Tacoma International Airport (SEA) and Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA). It is imperative to
highlight that RunWize™ is the only automated FOD detection system that has been commercially installed in a U.S. Airport


Coverage Area: The proposed system will provide FOD detection on both Runways of Hamad International Airport, providing 100% coverage of RWY16L/34R and RWY16R/34L till Runway threshold/end, including all taxiways and rapid exit taxiways up to the CAT I holding position, as shown below.