project details:

It was a Maintenance project awarded to Bayanat Engineering Qatar from Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA). Major Scope included Maintenance of airfield shelters and the UPS installed in the shelters. Quarterly visits are scheduled for preventive maintenance of UPS and Emergency response was a major part of project, annul maintenance of NAVAIDs shelters which includes painting of shelters.
The detail BEQ Scope include is mentioned below

Maintenance of following UPS systems for 2 years
a) 15KVA 60-NET UPS Chloride (6 Nos.)
b) 20KVA 60-NET UPS Chloride (28 Nos.)
c) 40KVA UPS Emerson (4 Nos.)
d) 60KVA UPS Emerson (2 Nos.)

Annual Maintenance of 17 no’s of Navaids shelters for 2 year
a) Replacement of sealants on joints.
b) Repair of panel cracks or surface peel off
c) Repair and repainting on red surface once in a year
d) Replacement of damaged locks
The Project awarded on November 2016 duration of project was 24 months and the contractual project finish date was September-2018.BEQ had completed this project through the efficient project management & efforts made by BEQ team.

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