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3 ways aerospace businesses can attract more customers in 2021

2020 was a difficult year for many businesses in the aerospace industry. Any business that relied on passenger numbers and commercial air transport for revenue took a significant hit thanks to covid. But with vaccines now rolling out, 2021 could be a much brighter year for many. Now that aerospace businesses are starting to plan for a post-covid world, it’s worth reevaluating your approach to lead generation and customer acquisition.


Below are some tried and tested methods for finding and acquiring new customers. Any business in the aeronautics and aerospace industries can benefit from incorporating these ideas into their corporate and marketing strategies.




One of the simplest and most reliable ways of reaching new audiences is through partnerships with other businesses. Partnerships should be beneficial to all the parties involved, but smaller businesses tend to benefit the most from these arrangements. The most logical businesses to partner with are those that have synergy with your products and services. Some businesses, such as Bayanat Engineering, which produces a range of technology for the aerospace sector, can form meaningful partnerships with numerous businesses throughout the industry. For example, they offer a range of technology for use in airport terminals. A partnership with a major airport could be very lucrative and lead to more opportunities in the future. Meanwhile, the airport can benefit from exclusive or cut-price access to any new equipment Bayanat adds to its lineup.


Identify your competitive advantages


Every business owner should be able to define precisely what their business offers that sets it apart from its competitors. A business’s unique selling point is the reason that its audience should choose it over the alternatives. But defining a competitive advantage can be a bit more tricky. A competitive advantage is something that enables your business to operate and generate revenue more efficiently than your competition.


The difference between a competitive advantage and a USP is that your competitive advantage is usually irrelevant to your customers. For example, having better back-end infrastructure and technology can be a significant competitive advantage, even if it doesn’t affect your customers’ experience of using your business. But by making customers aware of your competitive advantages, you can convince them that your business is superior more easily. Make them understand exactly why your business has the edge over other aerospace businesses. This is a particularly effective technique for B2B businesses.


Add value


You can never go far wrong if you are adding value to the products and services you provide. Anything you can do to provide your customers with more for every £ or $ they spend with you will make your business more attractive to them. This applies equally to businesses selling to other businesses and those selling to the general public. If you provide services to other aerospace businesses, adding more value will incentivise them to stick with you. Similarly, if you are selling to consumers, more value means their money will go further. A simple way of adding value is to introduce a loyalty scheme and reward customers for continuing to spend their money with you.


After a difficult year, many aerospace businesses need to find customers fast. The tips above will help you to grow your brand and find new opportunities. They are also effective ways of solidifying the loyalty of your existing audience.