Code of Conduct

Bayanat conducts all its business in line with its Code of Conduct and in accordance with it’s Regulations. To download our Code of Conduct here​​​​

Message from Managing Partner

We realize the best value for our customers through advanced technologies, countless challenges, and belief in honest and open management. Being a part of the Qatar market, Bayanat Engineering Qatar promptly reacts to all demands of time and market. Uniqueness and quality of all products and services are ensured by the application of high-end technologies, by the activities of high-experienced engineers meeting the standards.
For over 20 years, on the basis of continious research and market analysis the prospective solutions for government, semi-government and civil markets are expanding. Our clients trust our work, as products and solutions quality, trusty partnership, and striving for leadership at the Qatar market are the main principles of the Bayanat Engineering Qatar activity.
Bayanat Engineering Qatar has multiple worldwide partners, that support our values, mission, and vision. Quality standards are important for us, as the result, we choose the best technology and solutions and deliver them with quality professional services in order to prove our clients’ trust in us! We are thankful for our clients, who choose us, as the trusted company for their projects and we are proud to be working with them!
I am committed to growing the firm and building on our ongoing efforts to enhance corporate value.
We aim to be an engineering company that society needs and our clients trust. We look forward to continue growing and improving while delivering the best solutions possible.

Hassan Ezzeddine
Managing Partner