A holistic approach to large event security with Saab

The internationally recognized football event is taking place in Qatar throughout November and December, which means that the world is looking toward Qatar to deliver an excellent experience for football fans both at home and in the stadiums. The event is a chance for the country to showcase its brilliance, but it can only do this if we work to make the World Cup as safe as possible. Qatar’s airports need to be ready for such a sharp rise in passengers, and staff members must know how they can respond to any incidents as they emerge.

Without the right approach, this event could wreak havoc upon the country’s airports, making it a big task with plenty of room for error. Staff at these venues must be aware of the many possibilities and incidents that could develop, including queues and congestion, to rowdy behaviour and even possible security threats. Airports are constantly in motion, meaning they can benefit from a centralised system which catalogues potential incidents and allows staff to instantly reallocate any available resources.

Enter Saab

This is where Saab’s Total Airport Management (TAM) comes into play, providing a robust, centralised solution where raw data becomes the foundation of the airport’s operational strategy. An integrated communication platform gives the facility’s Command and Control Centre a clear picture of everything that’s going on in the building, as well as generating a playbook to handle a litany of potential incidents. This lets the airport run more efficiently, with an increase in productivity and a reduction in delays, as well as peace of mind for everyone.

How does TAM work?

Total Airport Management begins with the planes that arrive at the airport; some of these might have a delay due to factors outside the airport’s control, while others might be carrying VIPs such as celebrities. With a strong communication system, the airport can determine how to allocate its resources, and gates, to get everybody where they need to be as quickly as possible. Baggage handling and refuelling teams, for example, can do their jobs a lot better if they have a clearer picture of when and where a flight will land.

Customs and security are the next stages where TAM revolutionises the experience, providing greater awareness of the terminals and available CCTV cameras. If there are delays with aircraft, this lets staff coordinate a response to handle the influx by opening more terminals and increasing security to limit the chances of an incident. For a medical emergency, the TAM system keeps a record of important items such as defibrillators and makes it easier for staff to know when to call an ambulance. Total Airport Management is an essential investment, one which only gets better over time, as the system analyses data to assess how the airport could improve.

Security is a major concern for any worldwide event, making it vital that airports take a holistic approach. With a Saab Total Airport Management system, you can guarantee that your airport’s stakeholders have a complete picture of everything they need to know.