2022 trends for naval solutions


There are plenty of exciting trends in 2022 for naval solutions, from advanced navigation systems to innovative weather management solutions. This pioneering industry has seen plenty of changes over the last few years, with a greater reliance on automation, increased investment in naval defences and widespread adoption of new technology. We take a look at the top 2022 trends for naval companies and how they might affect your business.


Increasing automation


Naval companies around the world are embracing the possibilities that automation can bring. From unloading goods to scanning for other vessels, nearly every aspect of marine operations has been modernised and automated. Naval automation systems used by ferries, yachts, cruise ships and naval vessels are becoming even more effective and efficient. In 2022, we will also see adaptive automation in naval combat management systems which allow fewer people to deal with complex situations, increasing efficiency and focus.


Naval radar systems


We will also see a greater choice of naval radar systems in 2022 and increased applications for them in the marine sector. Distance measuring equipment, satellite-based navigation systems and Visual Guidance Docking Systems will all play a key role. Across the world, there has been increasing investment in new radar system developments by naval fleets. There has also been greater cooperation between manufacturers and governments to develop anti-air warfare radar and anti-submarine warfare capabilities.


Naval safety solutions


We will also see an increasing number of safety devices and features in the marine sector in 2022, with naval solutions focussing on reducing risk. Emergency shutdown systems for watertight doors are a key asset for passenger and merchant ships in the coming years. From communicating with other vessels and ports to training systems for new staff, safety and security are increasingly important priorities.


Environmentally-friendly naval solutions


Like every business in 2022, naval companies will need to address the increasing challenges brought by climate change. Changing weather conditions, water levels and eco-systems are all having an impact on businesses from shipping companies to commercial ferries. They will also need to adapt to more eco-friendly business practices, reducing their carbon footprint to remain competitive. Alternative power sources, like solar and wind, are being incorporated into more and more naval solutions, reducing fuel consumption and reducing their carbon footprint. Power Management Systems can also help vessels to be more efficient and recognise where energy savings can be made.


Weather management and meteorological advances


For naval companies, weather management systems can be absolutely crucial, whether it’s planning operations or assessing current conditions. Tools like automated weather observing systems have developed rapidly over recent years and in 2022, AWOS are commonplace. New communication networks, forecast system innovations and improved monitoring mean naval companies have access to more meteorological information than ever before.

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