2022 trends for airport solutions

New industry trends emerge every year, and air travel is no exception to this. Keeping up with these trends is important too – if an airport doesn’t get on board with the latest solutions, queues get longer and dangerous practices start coming into play. That’s why Bayanat Engineering has put together this list of essential trends for airports in 2022. Read on to find out more and learn why each of these trends is a key part of modern airport infrastructure:


Human body temperature scanners


Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the use of human body temperature scanners increased exponentially. Whilst the pandemic’s effects are lessened now after two years, controlling other viruses and infections still plays a significant role in airport security. Examining human body temperatures allows airports to identify people with high temperatures or fevers quickly, ensuring they get the care and attention they need. Human temperature body scanners can save lives, making their implementation in the long term vital.


Augmented reality systems


Augmented reality is a new and emerging technology, and one which airports should be making the most of. Also known as AR, augmented reality sees objects in the real world enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. In a practical sense, this has a range of applications for an airport. For example, it could help guide passengers to the right terminals and gates for their flights, informing people of the best possible food outlets at the airport and a range of other informative tools. This evolves the airport from a simple point of travel to a cohesive and thorough passenger experience.


Developed baggage handling systems


One of the biggest frustrations frequent flyers have with airlines is the issue of baggage handling. After all, the last thing you want upon your arrival at Hamad International Airport is to learn that your luggage is in Spain, delaying your holiday severely and causing significant inconvenience! This is why companies working to improve their baggage handling systems will be key in 2022. With advancements in RFID and similar related technologies, baggage handling becomes much simpler and more efficient.


Improved passenger check-in & boarding solutions


Check-in and boarding can be a long and frustrating process, often taking far longer than is strictly necessary and reducing the efficiency of the airport in question. There are several ways of resolving this, and technical evolutions throughout 2022 will ensure that these processes speed up. For example, off-site processing was previously considered a futuristic concept outside the reach of the majority of airports. Increased connectivity and data speeds ensure that secure passenger processing occurs off-site, speeding up queues and ensuring that airports get through backlogs in time for customers to take to the air.




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